How to Get Writing

Whether it may be that you just started, or that you find yourself having troubles putting a good story on paper. Here are some tips that may help you along your path and prevent you from slamming your face on the paper/keyboard.


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    Read. You can't write if you don't have any inspiration. Inspiration may come from a lot of sources, but author's books are the most common source of inspiration. It might just help you!
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    Carry a notebook wherever you go, and jot down any sudden random thoughts you have. They don't have to make any sense at all. Later, if you revise these random words it might turn out into a beautiful sentence or story.
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    Freewrite. Combine the words you have gathered and the thoughts of the day and just write them down. Don't look to strict at your grammar or spelling, it's your story after all.
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    If you see something interesting, write it down. It might just spark something. Be it for a new story, or a new idea for a current story.
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    Work on your handwriting, but it's okay to be messy when drafting. As long as you can read your own writing it's fine. Only if you want others to revise your work, be sure that they are able to read it and that it doesn't turn into one big mess.
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    Enjoy writing. Can't stress this enough, stop writing if you don't like it. Writing is something that takes patience and a lot of time. You are going to write for yourself and not someone else. If you don't like your story, chances are that others aren't going to like it either.
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    Accept writer's block. It's annoying and it can really ruin the quality of a story. If you find yourself getting of these, no big deal. Accept it, or try to overcome it. For most people, some kind of distraction speeds up the process of getting over this writer's block. Try sports, a long bath, and if nothing works, just go to sleep. You might get a great idea in your dreams!


  • Listen to music depending on the mood of your story. If it puts you in the mood, it puts the character in the mood.
  • Whenever you're stuck in your story, just pretend you're the character. Your character is real inside your head! What would he/she do in the current situation?

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