How to Get Your Homework Done Right After School

Have you ever told yourself that as soon as you got home you were going to do your homework, so afterwards you could do what you wanted for the rest of the day? You got home, saw the computer, video game, or some other extra curricular activity and hit that before you hit the books? Well, if that sounds like you read on!


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    Think! If you think positively and realistically about your homework as soon as you get home from school, you will be much more likely to get it done. Plan ahead. Will you have the whole night free? Make sure you don't spend your time playing (if you do your homework first you won't have to plan this as much). If you are someone who needs pressure to get things done, plan activities after school so you will be productive inside and outside of schoolwork. Even just seeing the great benefits from following these steps means you are serious about becoming more responsible and are heading in the right direction. Good for you!
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    Act! As soon as you get home, it's important to act quickly so that you do not fall into the temptation of the computer, or whatever else is preventing you to complete your homework as soon as you get home.
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    Organize! It's important to be organized, so you do not have trouble finding things and become frustrated. Write assignments down so you know what you need to get done. Gather everything that you need so that you don't have to walk around the house, looking at all the temptation available. Keep your work space free of distractions, such as electronics or the refrigerator.
    • Put all the supplies you will need to do your homework in your room, on your desk, or wherever you do your homework.
    • Grab a bottle of water the morning before, and a pack of something or a piece of fruit- nothing that has to be refrigerated -and put them with the school supplies, so that you have a snack in case you are hungry after school.
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    Determination! It's great that you'd like to do your homework with your precious after school hours, but it's important to keep determined. Although the weather might be nice, or that new something or other is begging you to play it, you have to stay determined, or you'll be back to square one.
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    Breaks! Although you want to do your homework as soon as you get home, it's important not to overwork yourself. Take a ten minute break every hour, and get some water, take a short walk, or even check your Facebook/Myspace. Just don't start going onto Facebook/Myspace if you aren't yet determined, or you'll probably spend your night on there.
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    Concentration! It's important to concentrate when you are reading that book for your book report or writing your history essay. If you have a cell phone beside you, switch it off and don't use it at all until you have finished your homework. If you are watching a television program while doing your homework, do not do that because you will be looking at the television all the time and you will never get any homework done. If you are surfing Facebook or Twitter while doing your type-out essay, quit the Internet.
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    Discipline! When you get home from school, immediately shower, have a nice little break that lasts for about 20 minutes and start your homework immediately. Check to see what homework you have so you don't remember to do something at the last minute (a planner might help keep track of your different assignments). Try to get what you can done- do not tell yourself, "I'm going to play that new video game. I can always do my homework later.", because often times you'll get carried away with playing. You can plan a timetable of your activities or think ahead and plan a schedule beforehand. Keep a notebook with you to do these, e.g. if you want to start your homework at 2.30, write down 2.30-4.30PM - Homework and make sure you stick to your schedule. Reward yourself if you follow that schedule, and do it every day.


  • Keep things organized, not only school wise, but clothes, desk, and everything else, because it makes life so much easier when you can find things without having to hassle around.
  • With hard work and determination, this will be something easy for you to accomplish, so stay at it!
  • Make sure you take your breaks. Getting over worked can seriously hurt you physically and mentally.
  • Just stick to it, and soon it won't be a chore, but a part of routine.
  • Understand that this will help you if you truly want to change your habit.
  • Turn on some music then make sure you have a clean room, if you have a clean room it will be harder to get distracted.

Things You'll Need

  • Materials (pencils, pens, paper, your text books, etc.)
  • A central spot to do your homework at, free of distractions and calming.

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