How to Get Your Parents to Let You Vlog

Vlogging has become insanely popular on YouTube, babies to elders even being a part of it. But here's the catch - this parent's newborn baby can be in a vlog, but you can't! Maybe you've asked, maybe you haven't, but either way, you want to vlog and you don't know if you can. What you don't know is that by following my tips, you'll have an almost surefire way of getting a vlog.


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    Be a good kid. Help out around the house and don't argue with your parents or siblings too much. Get good grades, and don't ask or beg for a lot.
    • Don't go too far. If you never help out around the house, don't automatically start doing every chore imaginable. Do a few things, like cleaning your own plate after dinner, offering to help fold the laundry, or putting away your own things. If you jump right in, you'll look desperate, and your parents will know you want something.
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    Write down important points in a notebook. You're going to need to have a discussion, so you'll want to plan. If you feel awkward talking face-to-face, you can make a PowerPoint. Make sure you have the good and the bad, and the bad is addressed so it doesn't seem bad.
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    Write down your actual discussion script. Include things you would say in real life, so you don't sound nervous. Many parents think that being nervous is the sign of a lie, even if it's not. It you say "yea" or "ya know" a lot, include those! Sound as nonchalant as possible.
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    In your actual discussion, start with the benefits of having a YouTube channel. Note that you can make money and build career skills (video editing, photo editing, charisma, character, etc). Also note that you can be yourself and gain confidence by having a YouTube channel. If you have a family member or a really close friend (whose family knows your family) who cab show their face or post videos online, mention them. Make sure they'll give proof and can explain why their parents let them if needed.
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    Next, list concerns. There's probably lots of these, so think of all you can. Make sure you have a legitimate reason for why this shouldn't be a concern or worry.
    • If your parents don't want you showing your face, note that people see your face everywhere you go.
    • If your parents don't want stalkers, promise to only show yourself and reveal only your first name.
    • If your parents think you'll be bullied, make sure they know that comments can be set for "under approval" or disabled completely. Also makes sure they know that you're stronger than them and will ignore them.
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    Allow your parents to watch your videos. If you're open with your patents, you can show them all your videos before you post them, but if your more shy with them, you can give them your channel name and let them watch.
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    Allow your parents to set rules. If you think a rule is unreasonable, stop them and explain why you think it's a bad rule. Don't overreact or get mad - be as mature possible.


  • Don't overreact or get angry if your parents say no. Say okay and go into your room instead, and if you need to, you can punch a pillow or tear up a little. Show them your strong. Besides, you can always wait until you're older, or ask for permission as a Christmas or birthday gift.
  • Make sure your parents know you're dedicated. Let them catch you watching a "how to edit videos" or a "how to gain subscribers" video every once in a while. Don't try to take hiding it, though, like your embarrassed they saw you watching it. Chances are, of you seem nervous or embarrassed, they'll think you already have a channel behind your back.
  • If your parents say no, don't continuously but then about it, but don't let them forget that idea's still there. If you talk about it often enough, your patents will know your serious and that you won't just give it up after a month.


  • Don't ever get angry or lash out at your parents. Wait until your older, or her permission as a gift. If you get mad at them, they'll see that you're not responsible and make enough to make videos.
  • Don't bug your parents by mentioning it to much of they turn you down. If you're consistently saying "YouTube this" and "YouTube that", your going to get on their nerves.

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