How to Get Your Writing Mojo Back

Is your writing suffering lately? There are some things that you can do to get your writing mojo back.


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    Read before you write. The words will come easier and the dialogue will be more fluid.
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    Use short chapters. Short chapters offer more productivity. To use this technique wisely, once you've completed the story, join the short chapters up into pairs of three or four, and combine them as one chapter. For example, four 1000 word chapters combined will earn you a nice chunky 4000 word one.
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    Write-A-Chapter day. This one is all about continuity. Writing a chapter per day keeps the fluid motion of the story moving, and entails good discipline habits. This is easy to do because your chapters, initially, are so short. A simple 1k chapter feels like such an accomplishment, especially because you can say that you’ve finished 16 chapters of a story, when in reality, once you combine them, you’ve may have only finished four. Despite knowing this, there’s still a certain exhilaration in seeing a folder full of 40 completed chapters. The chapter a day step makes you think that you’re writing more than before, when in reality, you’re writing the same amount – and this feeling of euphoria helps you push through with ease and fluidity.
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    Use a chapter outline. This step is if you’re not doing Step 2 or Step 3, in which you want to use full chapters spread over a couple of days instead of short chapters every day. Creating a chapter outline is like a savior from heaven once you’re knee-deep in the story. It doesn't need to be extremely detailed – just a short summary of everything that will happen in each chapter. This way, when you reach chapter four and feel like banging your head against the table, you can pop out your document and figure out where the story’s going. This also aids in picking up a story after a long time, so you remember what’s going to happen and how to continue with it.
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    Pursue your passion without doubts. The only way to pursue a passion is with determination and blind enthusiasm: know you can do something. Believe deeply in it. And yes, there’s always the possibility that it all may not come true, but hey, at least you wrote, right? At least you had fun with your writing, right? And in the end, isn't that what matters the most?
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    Write about something interesting. It could be something you really like so that the story can pull you in instead of you pulling at the story.
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    Work on only one story at a time (up to a certain point). Pick one novel idea that you've been toying with, and make an effort to reach the halfway point without starting anything else. Once you’ve reached the halfway point, you can possibly start a new story. This ensures that you’re not aimlessly starting a few chapters and moving onto new stories, but also getting somewhere. Another thing is: once you've written half the story, you've put too much effort into it to back out. Writing 50 000 words is a lot of work, and now that you’re knee-deep, you’ll be compelled to finish it despite starting a new story.
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    Complete stuff. Probably the biggest drawback for a writer is when they’re stuck in the rift of never being able to finish anything. It is disappointing to be a good writer (or think you’re a good one, at least) and never be able to finish a novel, or a short story, or anything. Completing one story at a time, one chapter at a time – it feels good, and bumps up your motivation. So strive to complete that chapter you hate – lug through it, but finish it. It’ll feel like a lungful of fresh air when you’re done, and this fresh air will help you get through the next one.
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    Stop pursuing new ideas. Write your new ideas and new plans in a notebook, but stop pursuing them. So instead of pursuing new ideas, take the first idea you've written down in your notebook, and finish it. Then, move onto the next. Find one good, fool-proof plan and seriously stick with it. Seriously. Don’t keep changing it.
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    Write and then be done with it. Once you've created your fool-proof plan, your mega-awesome schedule to finishing your story, stick with it. And after that, be done with it. For example, if you plan to write a chapter of Project A and then a chapter of Project B, and keep switching until one of them is finished, then follow through with it. But when you’re not writing, don’t think about writing. That’s an issue of some – they make plans, think about their writing, mulling over how to do it - all day. Once you've done your daily word count or goal (strive to do this in the morning), ease yourself out of writing, pretend you’re not a writer, and go do other things. You can cook, or spend time with your family. Get writing out of your head once you’re done, and everything will be so much easier.

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