How to Give a Facial Massage

Three Parts:Setting Up for the MassageGiving the MassageProviding Aftercare

Many people swear by facial massages, saying they increase the overall health of the skin, improve blood flow, and remove dead skin.[1]Giving yourself a facial massage can be relaxing, but you can treat other people by giving them a facial massage as well. It isn't hard.[2]With a little practice, you can be a master at giving facial massages to other people. For maximum relaxation and enjoyment, be sure to prepare both face and the environment to ensure an amazing massage.

Part 1
Setting Up for the Massage

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    Have them remove their makeup. Whomever is getting the massage should remove any makeup that they have on. Makeup clogs the pores and will interfere with restorative massage products that you will be using on their face.
    • You might suggest that they wash their face in a shower just prior to the massage. Since you'll be working with them closely, they will want to be as fresh and clean as possible. [3]This will also help them feel less self conscious and relaxed. No one wants to be worrying about whether they have body odor while they are getting massaged (and you don't want to be smelling it either!).
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    Find a clean space. Ideally you will have a massage chair or bed, but if not a normal comfortable chair is fine. Just make sure that the surrounding area is neat and tidy. It is best if the area feels empty, with nothing besides you, the other person, and your massage tools.Take care of this in advance or while the person receiving the massage washes.
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    Lay out your equipment. Set out any clean pillows or towels that you and the other person may be using (a towel behind the head is customary). Be sure that they are clean and fresh.[4]Make sure your milky face lotion, face mask, rinse, toner, and moisturizer are within reach if you will be using them.
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    Set the mood. Gentle, relaxing music or calm ambient noises are used to set the mood during professional massages.[5] Doing the same is very easy. You can also light scented candles or incense to further relax the mind and body.[6] Be sure that the room is at a comfortable temperature.
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    Wash your hands. You will be working on the delicate skin of someone's freshly washed face. The last thing you want is to be spreading germs or bacteria there. Thoroughly wash your hands.

Part 2
Giving the Massage

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    Sit or lay them down. The person receiving the massage should either lie down on the massage bed or sit in their chair. Make sure that they are comfortable.[7] Propping a rolled towel behind their head will usually help. Have them close their eyes and relax.
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    Apply facial lotion. Apply a hypoallergenic milky face lotion to their face and gently rub it into the skin.[8] Appropriate lotions will be non oily, light, and easily absorbed. As you massage the face, the moisturizer will be absorbed and hydrate the skin as well as reduce friction between the face and your hands.[9] Don't apply too much pressure at first.[10]
    • Don't apply lotion directly to the face. Apply it to your hands first![11]
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    Massage their forehead. Start with fingers, but before long place your palm on the forehead. Move it up and around in a circular motion with even pressure.[12] Go back and forth across the forehead several times. This relieves tension and helps to ensure that they person receiving the massage keeps their eyes closed.
    • Use circular motions here and elsewhere, circular motions are ideal for the face.[13]
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    Massage their temples. Place one hand on each side of to head, at the temples. Using only your fingertips at first, massage lightly in circles, applying gentle pressure on both sides.[14] Repeat 2-3 times or more, as desired. Depending on the person, you can increase the pressure by using your thumbs or more of your hands as necessary.[15]
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    Massage their cheekbones. Move your hands in a little bit, under the cheekbones on each side. Using only fingertips at first, apply light pressure to the skin, then gently rub towards the ears.[16] Gentle circling is also fine. Apply only as much pressure as feels comfortable to the face.
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    Massage their jaw and lower cheek. Put both your thumbs under the jaw, with your index fingers pointing up to rest against either side of the nose. Then move your whole hands upwards and outwards, so that they slide along the cheeks towards the ears.[17] Use the same motions you did on the cheekbones.[18]
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    Massage around their ears. Finish with a massage around the ears, if desired.[19] Use your fingertips and then escalate pressure as necessary. You can circle the top of the ear and apply pressure on the head and neck as you slide down towards the torso. Massaging the ears themselves is often relaxing as well. [20]

Part 3
Providing Aftercare

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    Give them a face mask, if desired. Adding a face mask is a nice touch.[21]There are a variety of choices for facial masks. You can also make your own natural face mask.
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    Allow their face mask to rest. Most face masks need to be left on their face for a while to be effective. While you are waiting for this time to elapse, you can either talk or continue the massage by gently massaging their neck and shoulders.
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    Rinse their face and apply toner. If you used a mask on them, be sure to rinse it off completely. You can also have them rinse it if that is easier. At this point, apply toner and a light facial moisturizer, if desired.

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