How to Give a Foot Rub

A foot rub is much simpler than a foot massage and you can do it just about anywhere (or convince someone else to do it for you). Here are the basics of a much-loved quick fix for little aches and pains of the foot.


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    Get comfortable. If you're giving yourself a foot rub, sit in a comfortable position where you can easily reach your feet. The couch, the bed, a day lounge, a chair, the beach sand, the grass in the garden, are all good choices.
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    Place a towel to collect any oily reside if you plan to use foot lotions/creams. This will ensure that the lotion or cream doesn't get all over the place.
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    Wash your hands. You might want slightly wash your feet as well or you can simply rub through your socks. If it's someone else who is getting the foot rub, ask them if they mind a quick water rinse before starting.
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    Apply lotion or hand cream to your hands if using. Work your hands across your feet (or those of your foot rub recipient).
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    Use circular, rubbing, and slightly pressured motions. Since you're not pretending to know anything about massage, just go wherever it feels best to rub. If it's your own feet, you'll automatically know which points need most attention; if it's someone else, have them tell you direct when you've found the right spots.
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    Stay quiet throughout the foot rub. Use this time to focus on relaxing and thinking peaceful thoughts.
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    If wished, finish off with a hot bath or just a foot bath.


  • Create a relaxed atmosphere for the foot rub. Add music, candles, and lovely fragrance.

Things You'll Need

  • A Towel
  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • Water and soap
  • Lotion/cream (optional)

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