How to Give a Fur Massage

Making love is more than sex. It’s an art that can be created in many different and pleasing ways. Receiving pleasure while fully relaxed and naked creates a lasting intimacy that enhances your entire relationship. By pampering your partner with a fur massage, you express your attraction and affection better than you ever could with words. She’ll definitely appreciate the special attention and erotic fur massage often becomes foreplay to incredible supercharged sex.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and by stimulation through fur massage, the whole body relaxes and becomes open to intense sexual awakening. The desire to touch and receive affection is the foundation of all relationships and is the source of great pleasure for both men and women.

Massage with fur is performed in holistic spas and tantra sex clinics worldwide. Fur massage has been used as a relaxation therapy and to enhance sexual relationships since ancient times.


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    Create a romantic mood by lighting candles or dimming the lights. Draping sheer fabric over lamps gives a gentle glow to the room. Soft music lends a romantic feel and drowns out ambient noise.
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    Select a piece of fur or fur glove by the type of feel that you’ll both enjoy. Mink is silky smooth when massaged with the fur direction and then textured brushing against the fur grain. Chinchilla is extremely soft and silky, almost indescribably sensuous. The extra long slightly coarse fur of Fox makes for a decadent massage. For a velvety soft feel, try rex rabbit. Textured and silky but a bit coarse, rabbit and coyote are good choices. Sable is silky and very airy and has the image of the ultimate in luxury.
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    Rest your partner’s head on a fur pillow and slip a smaller one under their knees when lying on their back. While lying on the stomach, slide the fur pillow under the hips and ankles for comfort and support. They’ll feel absolutely pampered.
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    For a sensual interactive experience, both partners face each other and slowly stroke fur gloves over their bodies. Simultaneous fur massage is a wonderful act that brings you spiritually closer to your partner and allows you both to delight in watching each other being pleasured.
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    Use gentle caresses on the shoulders and arms. If you feel tenseness in the shoulders, use the thumb of the fur glove to press harder. The warmth from the fur will help loosen the muscles while the fur stimulates the skin.
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    Brush the fur lightly over the face and use the fur glove's fingertips to massage your partner's temples.
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    Don’t forget to stroke the back of hands and soles of feet in soft circles as these areas are highly sensitive and receptive to light touches.
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    Explore the contours of the body with long slow strokes over the back and legs evolving to harder probing strokes on the shoulders and arms. Linger for a while appreciating their whole body before moving onto intimate areas. A good method is to tease her a bit with just a touch or two on a sexy area and then move away, leaving her in anticipation of your next caress.


  • It is important to use top quality fur. Otherwise, using faux fur or inferior quality fur simply doesn’t feel good and, even worse, can produce a rash or break up during massage.


  • Oil and lubricants should not be used with your Fur Glove. They’re not necessary as fur naturally glides smoothly over skin. Save oils for after your Fur Massage.

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