How to Give Your Espadrilles a New Life

Espadrilles are a comfortable and fashionable item of footwear for the warmer months and for indoor comfort. Indeed, they are some of the comfiest things to wear at home throughout the year, sparing your feet from harsh and cold floor surfaces.

However, they're made of cotton, which means that they're not very durable as footwear, so they quickly wear out at the heels. However, such a problem can be fixed, to extend the life of your espadrilles.


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    Buy a set of patches similar in color to the new espadrilles you want to reinforce.
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    Use the package instructions as a reference when you get to the ironing part of the project.
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    Open the pack, take out one patch and get a cutter or a sharp pocket knife. Fold the patch in half with the glued part facing and meeting flush. Using the cutter or pocket knife, cut it with a sawing movement while holding the patch tightly, in order to ensure a clean cut.
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    That's it!
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    Place half of the patch on the heel of the espadrille.
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    Adjust the patch. Place together the half patch's round part so that it meets the heel stitches and the straight part so that it meets the top part of the heel of the espadrille. Check if there is any excess of patch material at the top of the heel, and if there is, cut it off. Be sure not to nick the heel of the espadrille.
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    Get a pin and secure the patch in place. Repeat the addition of the patch and its fastening to the other espadrille.
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    Take the pair of espadrilles to the ironing board. Follow the instructions given on the patch blister as to ironing.
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    Wear your espadrilles any way you like.


  • Take care with the cutting implements. Don't accidentally hurt yourself or ruin the job.
  • Take care while ironing not to get burnt with the hot iron.
  • Never wet the rope soles; they can be ruined.

Things You'll Need

  • A pair of espadrilles
  • Self-adhesive patches
  • A cutter or a pocket knife
  • A pair of scissors
  • Two large pins
  • Ironing equipment

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