How to Glitch in Soldier Front

Many new people to Soldier Front (commonly called noobs) always watch in jealousy how people jump into a wall in hospital. This is called glitching.


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    Get to the hospital on a single battle. You don't want it to be a team battle, because everyone can see and will team kill you. Plus, make sure the team battle isn't very big, or else it will be hard to find time and others will glitch too.
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    Go to Garage B. if you come from the lobby, look to your left and at the far side ladder. Go to it.
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    Stand in the corner where the wall and ladder meet. Start pressing S and D while jumping. while doing this, look up a tiny bit but not to much.
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    When you think you're in the glitch (it will be semi-obvious), the only way you can get around is by holding the direction you want to go and jumping.
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    The location is at the place with two ladders nearest the red team spawn point.Go to the far right ladder and face straight and tilt right, then look up a little and S+D and jump towards the wall.
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    On EMP go on red team, then when the place where you walk a bit goes left and one goes right, go right then, u see the 2 boxes on each other, run up to them, look at the wall go left a bit, get your knife and run right and jump, u will go into the boxes,sometimes you hit it or go straight through, but it will eventually work


  • When you play single battle go to the sheep and bend down with knife only, and go down slowly.
  • To get a lot of xp and $$$, get people that don't know the glitch, go in the glitch, and tell them you will teach them at the very last kill.
  • For Hospital, To go up while in glitch mode jump and press S (press jump first)
  • You can't trade SP, but you get SP from leveling up, so when you get XP, you are working up to getting SP.


  • Be careful! some rule followers or good boys will report you. Don't worry though it happens rarely.
  • When in hospital remember to not get on the ladder.
  • Also when in glitch mode, the space between the ladder and the other wall is not safe for a someone using glitches. A passer by can easily shoot you down. So remember to get to the other wall ASAP!

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