How to Go to School With a Better Attitude

Being happier and more sociable is not just a social thing, it's a mental thing. If you're happier and pay more attention during school, you'll start to do better on tests and your grades will go up, so you can believe that these steps will help you a lot in the long run.


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    Early to bed and early to rise. Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. You'll find that once you stop falling asleep at two and waking up five minutes before you need to leave, you'll be able to do more in the morning, like finish the homework that you--gasp!--procrastinated on, or even have time to walk to school and appreciate the morning.
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    Get healthy. Start jogging around the block before you start your homework, or do a few crunches once you get out of the shower. This will help you get into shape and feel better about yourself, and in turn you'll start feeling better towards other people.
    • Get enough sleep. For teens, this is about 7-10 hours. This will make you more rested, boost your energy levels, and just feel better.
    • Drink enough water. We've all heard the 'eight-by-eight' rule, or eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day, but it's more of a guideline, as the actual amount depends on weight, activity level, and more.
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    Be prepared. Chances are, if you've got your 1000 word essay ready to hand in first thing, you'll want to go to class slightly more than if you wrote it on the bus on your way to school. Do your homework and have everything you need ready.
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    Have something to look forward to. Schedule a bad movie weekend with your friends, or join an after-school club; if you're waiting for something good and fun to happen, you'll probably be a bit more easy to get along with in the meantime.
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    Smile. This might seem like the most overrated thing in the world, but smiling will prove to be contagious, and soon everyone you know will be as happy as can be.


  • Be more outgoing and make new friends, but remember: "Make new friends, but keep the old". Don't abandon the ones who were there for you through the good times and the bad.
  • Walk to and from school, if you're close enough. This gives you time to think about the day and your schoolwork and time to appreciate the nature of your environment.
  • Find something that goes with your interests, like a pottery club, the school newspaper, volunteer at an animal shelter, even go LARPing if that's what suits your fancy. If you make friends with the same interests, it'll give you even more to look forward to.

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