How to Go from Ugly to Popular (Girls)

Two Methods:Refreshing Your Physical AppearanceBeing Attractive

Many girls question their physical appearance and social worth during the teen and preteen years; for some, this self-doubt lasts even longer. Ultimately what matters is not reaching society's standard of beauty, but creating your own. This article will teach you how to be pretty, attractive, and popular in your own way.

Method 1
Refreshing Your Physical Appearance

  1. 1
    Take good care of yourself. Brush your hair, keep clean, and brush your teeth regularly. If anything, go for these basics. Having yellow teeth and tangled hair will put anyone off.
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    Dress to impress. You don't need to go out and buy a new wardrobe; just make sure your clothes are clean, unwrinkled, pleasant-smelling, and well-kept. If a shirt gets a hole in it, throw it out, use it as a dust rag, or mend it, if you don't mind sewing.
    • If you do want to buy new clothes, look at the girls around your school to see what they're wearing. Different clothes work better for different age groups. Take into consideration, as well, that you can vary from the trends and still be popular.
    • Also keep in mind that some looks might not work for you. A glamorous sixteen-year-old with a graceful, casual air could pull off shabby chic. A shy twelve-year old standing stiff as a board will just look shabby. Body type, awkwardness versus gracefulness, and age should be taken into account.
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    Learn to contour with makeup. Many girls think they have shapeless, chubby, or unpleasantly shaped faces. However, the celebrities they often look to as models may have the exact same face shape-- they just have good contouring makeup.
    • Contouring is all about creating illusions of highlight and shadow. Thus, it can be easy to mess up and end up with a strange look. Don't worry! You are still learning and adjusting the techniques to your face shape. Take a day to practice so you know exactly what to do when you want to go out.
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    Highlight your best features. Eyes, for instance, tend to look small and unnoticeable if left without some sort of "frame." Wear some eyeliner, perhaps some mascara or eyeshadow, and you will instantly look great. If you have gorgeous lips, get some lipstick, lip gloss, or lip stain to highlight them in the same way.
  5. 5
    Be sure you have the right makeup. Have you ever seen a girl in makeup who looked like a clown? She most likely wasn't wearing the right colors for her skin tone.
    • In the way of lip color, for fair-complexioned people, soft or light pinks and salmons work best. For dark-complexioned people, rich, deep reds, browns, and even purples, will work best.
    • You might have to experiment with foundations, concealers, blush, and other face makeup. Try to get a foundation that matches your jawline. Concealers generally should be a couple shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  6. 6
    Have a "natural" look. In a casual situation, such as a typical school day, a dramatic, bold look could look strange, especially if it's paired with a t-shirt and tennis shoes. This will keep the balance between looking natural and looking your best.

Method 2
Being Attractive

  1. 1
    Know that "attractive" is not the same as "pretty." You might find a certain guy cute, but would never consider dating him-- he swears, acts immaturely, and disrespects girls. He is not attractive. Meanwhile, a guy who looks "eh" could be highly sought-after because he is charming, confident, and funny.
    • Think of the "mean girls" in different movies. They are beautiful, but not at all attractive. Don't be like them.
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    Eyes are the epicentre of your face. Ensure you maintain good eye contact through out conversations
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    Hold your head high and be confident.
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    Exhibit Confidence. People gravitate towards confident women, confidence is not being pretentious it’s being comfortable with who you are as an individual.
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    Practice speaking slowly and clearly. Your tone of voice is important, try and sound warm and friendly.
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    Be proud of your body. Wear clothes that compliment your body shape and that you feel comfortable in.
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    Health. Maintain good standards of personal hygiene. For example regularly brush your teeth, use deodorant, wash and condition your hair etc. br>
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    Be Yourself. Be confident in your opinions, thoughts and beliefs and don't be afraid to express them.
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    Go for the natural look. Don't use excessive amount of makeup, let your natural beauty shine through!.
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    Tattoos. Do what feels comfortable for you, but be cautious--tattoos are permanent and often illegal for minors to get. If you do decide to get one, make sure it's legal and that the tattoo studio is reputable and clean.
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    Keep your body, hair and nails clean. Wear clothes that are neat, clean and fresh looking and smelling.
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    Wear lotions and perfumes that have pleasant odors.
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    Be able to carry on an intelligent conversion. Remember an important part of a conversation is listening.
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    Have your own unique style. Experiment and explore!
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    Cultivate a fun, happy and helpful personality. Be honest and kind to others.
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    Be Trustworthy. Remember the song Michael Bolton sings that says “I will give my heart to the one I can trust”. Trust is the major key the opens the door to true love.


  • Remember that the most healthy and attractive trait is comfort and confidence. Trying to be popular shouldn't come at the cost of your morals or sense of who you are!
  • Looks don't last and they're not everything--and different people have different ideas on what's attractive.
  • Avoid extreme diets, skin bleaches, tanning beds, or anything else that can hurt you in the long run!
  • Remember that friendships are often worth more in terms of quality, not quantity. One or two good friendships can be more rewarding than being the most popular girl in school.

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