How to Go Through Your Jewelry

So you've got WAY too much jewelry, and you need to get rid of it. We've been there before, and we're here to help you.


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    Throw away all your broken jewelry. If you have necklaces that are broken or earrings that are bent out of shape, throw them away. If you really love the jewelry and wear it often, you could try to get it fixed, but it will cost you.
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    Take out any jewelry that you've outgrown. If that bracelet is too small for your wrist, or you can't get that ring on your finger anymore, place it aside. Don't throw it out yet, however! Also, if you feel that you've mentally outgrown those kitty cat earrings or that Barbie bracelet, place those aside as well.
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    Don't get rid of sentimental jewelry! If you never wear that locket that your great-grandmother gave you, don't get rid of it! Place it aside. You'll regret throwing it away in the end. If you want to keep it, place it elsewhere, such as in a small box of its own. If you don't want to keep it, pass it down to your daughter or granddaughter, or even your niece (Your son/grandson/nephew will not appreciate you giving him jewelry). This will make the jewelry even more special for them. If you're still a kid, give the jewelry to your mom and tell her to keep it safe for you.
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    Put aside the outdated jewelry. If you haven't worn it since the 80's and aren't planning on wearing it any time soon, place it aside. Again, don't throw it away just yet.
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    Be creative! If you really love that charm on a necklace, but the clasp is broken, take the charm off and put it on a bracelet! This way you'll have new jewelry made from something you love!
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    Decide what to do with the jewelry you've put aside. If you want to just get it over with and throw it all out, do so. If you don't want it all ending up in the dump, use some of the options below:
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    Have a used jewelry sale. Price all your wearable jewelry and put it out for sale. Make signs and post them up around town. You'd be surprised at how many women want to save money on jewelry and will come to you for a good deal. This way, you know your jewelry will be loved by someone else.
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    Ask friends/family if they want some of it. You never know! Has your sister been wanting a pearl necklace for the longest time, but never bothered to get one? Give her yours! Only ask people once though, because after asking more than once you'll become annoying.
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    Help out local churches or schools if they're having fundraisers. Many places have 'surprise' bags filled with random jewelry. Offer to put some of your jewelry in little bags and give it to them for free. This way, you're getting rid of your jewelry and helping out others too.
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    After you've gone through all your jewelry, make sure that your remaining jewelry is ready to go back into your jewelry box. Make sure all the necklaces are clasped together and that the earrings have backings.
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    Now put your jewelry back into your jewelry box. Congratulations! Now you have less old, unwanted jewelry, and you might have made a little money for some new pieces too!


  • If you're making 'surprise' bags or giving away jewelry to family, make sure to clean your earrings with ear antiseptic. You don't want other people getting your ear germs!

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