How to Grasp the Signals That It's Time to Move On

Has your crush recently been acting a bit strange or not communicating with you as much as he/she did a few weeks ago? If so, these are the signs they've met some one else and it's time to move on.


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    If a boy/girl is into you, they'll make time for you. People strive 50% harder for people they like, whether it's texting you constantly, emailing you more then once during the week or asking to hang out. But if you hear less and less from this person they could be losing interest.
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    A simple way to know if your crush is into some one else; check their Facebook. If there is wall to wall conversation that's flirty, or they're making plans, then you should be able to tell its more than friendship if this is constant. You can react to this by being angry, but not showing it. Politely ask a guy/girl to hang out that used to spark an interest with you, but don't be too flirty or else it will appear you're jealous and this is your revenge, which doesn't look cool.
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    The 3rd signal is they're just not as kind anymore. They don't compliment you as they used too, contact is lost and if you're doing something they don't like your crush will be more up front about it. Because if you don't like someone you don't put that extra thought like Will this sound good? or Will this comment bother them?


  • Don't let him/her catch you paying any attention to him. If he's not into you, and you continue to try to get his attention it will come off annoying and pushy. It's hard to get over some one, but what helps if you find some body else to crush on. Even if it's that football jock you've never talked to in your life, you can still think about them and it's better to think about someone you don't really know then some one you knows you and doesn't want you.
  • Be smiley. Getting over some one hurts, but if you show them you've moved on quickly (even if you haven't) you look more powerful and you can take let downs and still be the cool person you are.
  • Get out with your friends. There is no heart breaks, no chances to fall in love, and all you do is have fun. Your friends are there to do stuff you guys enjoy, be yourself around, and their also there to talk to so don't be shy because they've probably gone through what your going through right now.

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