How to Hack Cookie Clicker Online

Three Methods:Using the Cookie Engine ToolEditing Your Save ManuallyUsing the Browser Console

With Cookie Clicker, the incredibly simple yet addictive game that has taken the internet by storm, a few minutes' diversion can quickly turn into an hour-long click fest. If you're dying to get to the good stuff right away, why deal with the hassle of working your way up from the very bottom? Instead, use one of these hacks to get ahead quick.

Method 1
Using the Cookie Engine Tool

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    Go to the Cookie Engine website. By far the easiest way to hack at Cookie Clicker is to use the Cookie Engine. This free online program creates custom save code for Cookie Clicker. By importing this save code into the game, you can modify your game to your exact specifications. To use this tool, begin by visiting the Cookie Engine webpage here.[1]
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    Set your desired values. On the main Cookie Engine page, you'll find a wide variety of options for modifying your saves starting conditions. Use the text boxes to change your values for each of the game's many variables. You'll find three categories of modify-able variables on the Cookie Engine:
    • Options: The items in this section are used to change various aspects of how the game runs. These are purely cosmetic and/or functional and won't affect your progress in the game. For instance, the "Autosave" option determines whether or not the game automatically saves your process.
    • Cookies: These items determine how many of each type of cookie you have. Type a number into each of these boxes to set your starting cookie value. For instance, if you want to start with 20,000 cookies, type "20000" in the box labeled "Cookies".
    • Buildings: These items determine how many of each type of building/helper you have (e.g. grandmas, factories, shipments, etc.). Modify these the same way you would modify the items in the "Cookies" section.
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    If you'd like, uncheck the upgrade and achievement options. At the bottom of the Cookie Engine page, there are two small but important check boxes that are easy to miss. One reads "Enable All Upgrades" and the other reads "Enable All Achievements". Leaving either of these boxes checked will cause he corresponding condition to be true in your new game, while unchecking them will start you with no upgrades or achievements, respectively.
    • By default, these boxes are checked, so if you'd like a challenge, don't forget to uncheck them.
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    Click "Generate Code". When you've set all of the items in the Cookie Engine exactly how you'd like, scroll to the bottom and click the "Generate Code" button. The Cookie Engine program will generate a string of save code that contains your specifications. Copy this code to your computer's clipboard or a blank word document.
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    Paste your save code into Cooke Clicker. Finally, open Cookie Clicker and click the "Menu" button at the top of the screen. Click the "Import Save" button, which is about halfway down the page. Finally, paste your save code into the text box that pops up and click "Load". A new game should load with the exact conditions you selected on the Cookie Engine. Enjoy!
    • Playing with all upgrades and achievements enabled will not necessarily start you with all seasonal holiday upgrades and achievements.

Method 2
Editing Your Save Manually

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    Save your current game. If the Cookie Engine program above doesn't give you the level of precise control you'd like over your Cookie Clicker game, you can also edit your save data manually, though this requires a little more time and effort. To begin, open a game of Cookie Clicker and save your game. You can use a game that's in progress or a completely new game — it doesn't matter.
    • When you get your save code, copy it to the clipboard or a blank word document.
    • Before you begin, note that this method can require some basic coding knowledge.
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    Delete "%21END%21" from the code. Now we're going to start tampering with the code manually. To get the code into a form we can work with, we'll need to edit it slightly. First, delete the "%21END%21" segment from your code. This should be at the very end of the string.
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    Replace each "%3D" with an equals sign. Next, you'll want to find every place where "%3D" occurs in your code and replace each segment with an equals sign (=). Note that it's possible for "%3D" not to appear in your code at all. This is OK — in this case, simply proceed to the next step.
    • Don't waste time reading through the indecipherable code for each "%3D". Instead, simply use a word processor's "find text" function to locate all of the instances of "%3D" instantly. On Windows PCs, the shortcut for the find text command is Ctrl+F; on Macs, it is Command+F.
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    Unscramble your code with a base 64 decoder. This is where things get a little tricky. Cookie Clicker's save code is written in a base 64 format which makes it basically impossible to work with except for certain computer programs. For this code to be useful for our purposes, it has to be translated to a more workable form. Use an online base 64 decoder to change your save code into workable text. One excellent decoder is the Base64 Decode and Encode tool, which has a beginner-friendly format.
    • You'll want to use the UTF-8 format for decoding your save code. This is the default option at the decoder listed above.
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    Modify your code as you wish. After decoding, your base 64 save code should now be a long string of numbers separated by vertical lines and semicolons. Each number corresponds to a specific quantity in the game — for instance, one is the number of cookies you have, one is the number of grandmas you have, one corresponds to the upgrades you've purchased, and so on. By modifying this code, you can custom-tune your game experience.
    • The process for modifying this code is actually fairly complex. While the process is too involved to explain at great length in this article, an excellent guide is available at the Cookie Clicker wiki's "Cheating" page (under "Save Editing")[2].
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    Re-encode your save data. When you've finished making your modifications, you'll need to convert your save code back into a format the game can read. To do this, use an online base 64 encoding program; most of the same programs that you may have used to decode your information will offer the option to re-encode it. After your data has been re-encoded, don't forget to replace every equals sign with a "%3D" and end the string of code with "%21END%21".
    • If you used the program recommended above, all you need to do is click on the "Encode" button at the top of the screen to call up the appropriate tool.
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    Paste your save code into Cookie Clicker. Finally, open a game of Cookie Clicker and use the "Import Save" menu option to import your modified code. If you've done everything correctly, a new game should load with your changes in place. Have fun!

Method 3
Using the Browser Console

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    Open your browser's console while playing. Another way to cheat is to modify the game's code directly with the console feature that is included with most internet browsers. To begin, start a game of Cookie Clicker, then open your browser's console. Note that, for this method, knowledge of javascript is a plus. Below are shortcuts for opening the console in several common browsers:
    • Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+J for Windows, ⌘+Alt+J for Macs.
    • Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+K for Windows, ⌘+Option+K for Macs.
    • Internet Explorer: F12 for Windows.
    • Safari: ⌘+Option+C for Macs.
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    Paste a cheat script into the console. Once you have access to the browser console, you have the ability to cheat to your heart's content. Do this by running commands in javascript to produce the desired effect — simply copy the commands into the console and modify any portion in "<>" brackets as you wish. There are literally hundreds of commands you can run in this way (and even more if you're willing to write your own). Below is a selection of scripts to get you started.[3] Be sure to copy and paste the entirety of each script, including the final semicolon.
    • Change the amount of cookies you have:
       Game.cookies = <amount>; 
    • Gain infinite cookies:
       Game.cookies = Infinity;<amount>; 
    • Change the cookies per second gained:
       Game.cookiesPs = <Cookies per Second>;<amount>; 
    • Automatically click the cookie — note that this can tax the CPU if set too high:
       var autoClicker = setInterval(Game.ClickCookie, <milliseconds interval>);<amount>; 
    • Set buildings as free:
       Game.ObjectsById.forEach(function (e) { e.basePrice = 0; e.refresh(); }); Game.storeToRebuild = 1;<amount>; 
    • Spawn a golden cookie:
       /*Game.goldenCookie.wrath = 0;*/ Game.goldenCookie.spawn();<amount>; 
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    Run your script. After you paste your script into the console, click enter to run the script. If you've pasted the script correctly, your changes should immediately take effect in the game. Congratulations! Have fun.
    • For more console hacks, visit the Cheating page on the Cookie Clicker wiki's "Cheating" page.


  • Try turning off the internet, then changing the date one day forward. This will "fake out" the timer and earn the same amount as you do when you're not tapping.
  • Use Chrome and right click on the page. In the list, you should see Inspect element. Click this. It should bring up a pop-up menu. On the bar at the top, there should be a tab with the word "Console. Click it and type Game.cookies=X
  • Try typing "Game.RuinTheFun();" in the console. This will give you a lot of cookies and buildings.
  • There is a free app on the Chrome web store that automatically clicks for you. If you're using this, you have to do is hover the mouse over the cookie.
  • Try leaving the game on overnight once you have a lot of grandmas and buildings.
  • It is recommended that you export your save before cheating in case of undesirable results or glitches.
  • There are other methods than the ones explained here. A good list can be found at

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