How to Hang an Unframed Picture

If you have a picture you want to hang that isn't framed (or isn't framed yet) then this is the wikiHow for you!


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    Choose the picture.
  2. Image titled HangUnframedPhoto Step 2
    Separate the pop-top from a soda or beer can.
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    Run a piece of tape through one of the holes in the pop-top and stick it to itself (the pop-top should look like it has a tail).
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    Lay the pop-top with the tape pointing down on the back of the picture you want to hang and center it.
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    Lay a strip of tape or two across the tape connected to the pop-top.
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    Hang on a nail in the wall.


  • These items (CD/DVDs+double-sided tape) may work as well but aren't as heavy so the picture may be more prone to move around under it's own weight or in a draft, plus they are a bit large for most pictures with the exception of mini-Discs or 3-in. CDs but those are pretty rare anyway.
  • If you're a geek or just happen to have a lot of hard drive platters laying around from dead drives, these work perfect to accomplish the same task (those from laptop drives especially as they are smaller and more thin.) Used double-sided tape. In addition, they lay more flat against the wall, allow you to push the nail in closer to the wall, are very easy to adjust once on the wall, and stay put when your adjustments are done due to their size and that they will be heavier than the picture you hang on them. For those that don't know, they look like a smaller and shiny silver version of a CD or DVD; laptop drives are about the size of a mini-Disc if you remember them.
  • Works great for a picture that you want to frame in the future.
  • Duct tape works best for heavier pictures and canvas.


  • Don't over-do the tape.
  • Don't cover up both holes in the pop-top with tape.
  • Don't skip the step of using a pop-top or other object as described in the Tips; putting tape on a wall will usually peel the paint or leave marks/stickiness that when removed will take paint with them, stronger double-sided tape (and, goes without saying: industrial strength velcro) will surely pull up some drywall or plaster easily. Your landlord / wife / husband / parents / whoever will not be amused and repair can be expensive!

Things You'll Need

  • Tape
  • Picture
  • Soda/beer can pop-top

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