How to Have a Celebrity Body

You might want a celebrity body to fit into tight clothes or maybe to feel more confident. Most of us would admit that we have always wanted a perfect body. Don’t just dream about it, make it come true! This article explains how to have the body of your dreams.


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    Exercise, Often back exercises are neglected from a weekly routine, which is a mistake as a strong back is vital for good posture. Swimming, ice-skating and dancing are all fun exercises. Consider riding your bike on the way to the shops or asking a friend to run with you to school.
    • Dance. Glee's Heather Morris says that dance is the secret to her amazing body. [1] She currently does a workout combining dance with Martial Arts. Like Heather, you can use the Nike Training Club App to design total-body circuit workouts to help you get a dancer's physique. [2]
    • Total body exercises, like the ones Cameron Diaz used to get in shape for the Green Hornet. [3]
    • Circuit training. Singer Colbie Caillat alternates sculpting moves and one-minute segments of intense cardio. Start with body shaping weight exercises, followed by short blasts of jumping jacks or knee runs after every two exercises. [4]
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    Work on parts of your body. You will need to challenge yourself by lifting heavy weights. Combine several arm moves into one fluid motion. For strong and healthy legs, take a step forward and lower yourself into a lunge position. Return to starting position. Everybody wants a flat celebrity tummy; this should be combined with abdominal exercises specifically targeted at flattening the stomach.
    • Great abs -- this is why Jennifer Aniston is known for her great yoga body that other women want. To get these abs, combine cardio with yoga. Boat pose is great for firming your abs. [5]
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    Celebrities have a nicely shaped butt, to achieve this you could do rock climbing and you could lunge forward for the perfect bum.
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    Eat right, No doubt about it – our portion sizes are getting bigger and bigger, and unfortunately, so are our waistlines. Beware of portion distortion, and help trim down the number of calories you eat each day. Eat five pieces of fruit a day; water is a healthy option for a drink. Consider going food shopping.

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