How to Have a Cookie Swap

Just can't decide what kind of cookie you love best? Want to have fun snacking or see who bakes the best cookies? Hold a cookie swap!


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    Arrange with friends. Decide who is bringing what and how much. Generally, everyone should bring a different kind of cookie, but you can also compete to see who bakes the best chocolate chip cookies.
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    Set a date. Send out invitations. Specify in the invitation, the amount of cookies to bring. For a swap with eight people, have everyone bring sixteen dozen cookies, all of the same variety. This way, everyone goes home with two dozen of each type of cookie. Ask them to bring eight copies of the recipe, so that one can be handed out to each guest.
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    Lay out your cookies. Have shallow, wide plates to place your cookies on for a better display if you are going to eat some.
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    Start trading. Everyone can now feel free to indulge in each kind of cookies.


  • Great at holiday time, particularly early December, when people will be entertaining a great deal and would benefit from having many types of cookies on hand.
  • You might ask everyone to bring most of their cookies packaged to hand out to the other guests, leaving a small number of cookies to share while sipping coffee or tea.
  • All cookies should be made from scratch and not from purchased cookie dough or mixes.

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