How to Have a Fashion Party

Holding a fashion party can be a really fun way to swap ideas about fashion, to learn more about fashion, and even to share fashionable items between one another to create a refreshing new wardrobe. Here are some ways to hold the perfect fashion party.


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    Make some invitations. Use a theme that is fashion-related such as a shoe, a handbag, or a dress. Add embellishments such as glitter, sequins, feathers, etc. Add a sheet of fashion stickers inside the invitation as a teaser treat. (The stickers should be of items such as shoes, clothes, hats, accessories, etc.)
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    Invite all your friends over. Ask them to bring some clothes that they no longer want but that are in good condition for swapping.
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    Prepare goody bags. Add such items as lip gloss, eye shadow, jewelry, and dress-up accessories.
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    Plan the party events. Good ideas include:
    • The fashion swap. Everyone puts their clothes in a designated place. When the time comes, have one person hold up the clothes and describe them and have the party participants bid for it, or find some other way to share the clothes around. Another cool thing to do is to have some friends model the clothes to make it even more realistic.
    • Hold a modeling competition and take photos. Or just have a fashion photo session for fun.
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    Do makeovers. Ask your friends to bring their own makeup (to avoid cross contamination), hair brushes, etc. and perform makeovers on one another. If you have more money, have a professional come and do the task for you.
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    Have fashionable food. Lattes, cupcakes, cocktails for the ladies, mocktails for the girls - whatever is fashionable, serve it up!
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    Hold a dancing competition. If there is a need for getting everyone moving, dancing will liven things up beautifully.

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