How to Have a Fashion Show at Home

Have you ever wanted to host a Fashion Show with your friends? It's easier than it may sound. If you spend some time being creative and preparing, your friends will say it was The Party of the Year! You don't have to be a fashionista on a daily basis to inspire creativity and fun one night with your friends. Your Fashion Party can be as fun and over-the-top as you want it to be.


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    Make a list of people to invite (you can FaceTime or Skype people) and ask them to dress fashionably. You can ask them to bring/wear additional clothes, coats, accessories, and shoes for the Fashion Show. Just Pretend they're wearing the clothes that you made.
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    Prepare your home to host the Fashion Show by deciding the layout of the party. Choose and area to create a backdrop. One easy backdrop is a sheet tacked to the wall or tucked into a closet door. Perhaps add a chair, hat rack or a nice plants in your backdrop area. Lay another sheet on the floor to complete the set. It should be near an area where your modeling guests can change outfits in private, and not in a high-traffic area such as entryway or bathroom.
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    Lighting is important so bring in several extra lamps. Some lamps can be pointed at the backdrop, to light up the fashion models.
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    When your friends arrive, have some trendy music playing.
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    Decide an order the models will walk in the fashion show. Let everyone who isn't modeling get their cameras ready and then turn up the music for the Fashion Show! Take turns posing for the camera. When your turn is over, go change quickly into another outfit and get back in line to model your second look.
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    Once done, let the world see your pictures. If you're lucky you may just land a job modeling ;) good luck:)


  • Take a lot of pictures and make sure you have enough lighting so they will turn out well.
  • Guests who don't want model in the Fashion Show can be asked to take pictures.
    • Another idea is to ask them to judge the show and pick a winner. Make up categories such as Most Fashionable, Most Creative, or Most Idiosyncratic, and prizes can be awarded to winners.
  • Rather than using a set or backdrop, you can have a fashion show runway style. If you have a long hallway the models go down and back, posing for pictures at the end.
  • Have different categories so it doesn't get boring for your guests!

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