How to Have a Good Shopping Spree

Do your shopping sprees end up turning into a disaster? Do you find yourself wishing you could just go home? Well, make sure each one goes smoothly with these tips!


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    Decide what to wear. Wear a loose top, so it won't matter if it gets stretched out from try-on sessions. Wear stretchy trousers so that you can take them off easily in the changing room, and comfortable shoes. Try to wear something that you want to be seen in so you won't be hiding all day, something that makes you confident with yourself.
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    Take a large bag. Make sure you are prepared for your shopping spree. In the bag, you should have your purse, mobile, any makeup or brushes you carry around, an umbrella in case the weather turns bad, a small mirror to check your make up, a bottle of water and maybe even a camera! Preferably a handbag with long straps to throw over your shoulder!
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    If you want to make your shopping spree even more fun, take a friend, preferably an honest, close friend who can help you chose items that suit you well.
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    Have an idea. It is a good idea to have a vague idea of what you would like to buy and where you would like to look.
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    Try things on. Trying on clothes is always good fun, especially when you find the perfect outfit. Make sure your clothes fit well, this is were the honest friend comes in! Make sure you look great, to you and your friend. Your clothes should look better than the clothes you came in! If they do, check that the price is reasonable and buy it!
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    Stop for refreshments. If you don't, you will be moaning by the end of the day. But don't eat too much; that could also have you moaning at the end of the day!


  • Buy things that will be worth buying. Just keep it simple.
  • Look for sales in the back of the room! You never know what cute stuff might be back there!
  • Sleep well the night before so you are energised and can go as long as possible.
  • Set a price range so you don't blow your cash on things you could do without.
  • Forever 21 is a great place! They have cheap cute clothing and accessories!
  • Only buy what you need!
  • Buy clothes from a brand that has good material and would not rip or tear easily.
  • Always look for what you originally came for, there's no use leaving with everything but what you wanted.

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