wikiHow to Have a Great Girls' Night Out (Teens)

Girls Night Outs are a great way to have fun with your friends. Here are some ways to have fun with your gal pals, whether it's just at your house or at Starbucks.


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    Have a Box Party! Start out the night with a box maze. Just get a bunch of boxes and cut out the sides. You can make optional dead ends, or what I like best, the Never Ending maze, that has no end and just the start. Make some holes at the top, by either making some holes with a pencil on top of each box or opening some tops all together. You can also make a Drive-In Movie, with box cars. Depending on the size of the box, it can be a 1 seater, 2 seater, or even a 4 seater! It's fun to do with your friends and see who has the coolest car. And, top the night off to see who has the coolest box invention. This is really inexpensive and great if you know someone who just moved.
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    Go eat at the local hotspot or one of your friends' favorite places and gossip! The possibilities are endless: Starbucks, In-n-Out, or even the local crepe place around the corner. Hit a booth, order up, and dig in! This is also a great time to let the blabbermouth inside you out. Chat about your summer plans, school, and everything in between.
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    Go to the mall and have a Mall Crawl! Or, if you're broke, a Mall Crawl: Browsing Style. Turn it into a friendly competition. Ex: If you have six people in your group, there can be two stylists, two models, and two judges. This is best if you're at a department store. Set a time limit, have a meeting location and have the models strut their stuff! Go as loco as you want with accessories and make a quick hairdo. #*If someone in the group easily gets their feelings hurt, have them be a judge. If they want to be a stylist, warn them that whoever wins wins.
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    Hit the local cinema or go to a concert! Try to find a group or movie that everyone will enjoy. If you're spending 30-45 minutes or more trying to figure out what to watch, draw out of a hat. If you don't spend too much buying the tickets, that's more than enough left for an extra-large bucket of popcorn, right? If you're going to a concert, try to find a not-too-expensive one. Besides, who needs front row tickets to Justin Bieber for $600,000 when you could get a perfectly good view of him from your computer?
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    Have a dance fever. Face the facts: every girl at some point gets dance fever. And even if you don't it's really fun to go wild: make lots of space for a dance floor, dim the lights, crank up the tunes, and get ready for an awesome time. If you can, even do some karaoke. But seriously, don't put up a song like Handlebars even if you like it. Suggestions: On the Floor, Evacuate the Dancefloor, Pump It, you get the point. You'll never forget the moment when your friends are screaming the lyrics to a song and your jumping like there's no tomorrow and your snacking on pretzels every once in a while.
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    Host a slumber party! You can do most of these things at a sleepover. You can have a camp-out in the backyard, or a real camp-out. Tell ghost stories, go exploring at midnight (or whenever your parents say you can explore... but it has to be dark!) and of course, roast s'mores over a bonfire. Or, have an indoor slumber party, filled with pillow fights, laughing, and of course...
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    Have blindfolded makeovers. Blindfold each other, get your makeup tools in hand, and try your best. My friend and I did it with red lipstick once, oh my gosh, we looked like the Joker who got thrown up on! Don't do it on a carpet, though. Have the camera ready. You can post pictures on Facebook or add them in your scrapbook.
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    Make a video! Always see those people get famous on YouTube? Try it! Make up random topics to discuss or do and get everyone in the action. Ex: Me and my friend made a random video. I used my iPhone's Fart App and we made up something called Fart App Philosophy. Or make up a remix to a song. All you need is your video cam and your friends!
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    Go to the beach! Or, if you don't have beach where you live, get out the hose and your old water toys! Who knew that completely getting drenched by ten water balloons or drenching someone else with water balloons could be so much fun? It's also fun to collect seashells, and then you can make friendship bracelets or necklaces.
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    Get your bro in the action. Tie him down, get out the lipstick, and scream, FOR READING MY DIARY! or something that he did. If your mom comes in, come clean and she'll hopefully understand.


  • Try to clean up and set up on your own. That way, your parents will see that you're responsible and will let you have more often. Bonus!
  • For the guest list, try not to mix people who get into tiffs often. If you have people that no one knows yet, try some icebreakers, like Would You Rather? or something like that.
  • Try to keep out some munchies in case anyone gets hungry. You want everyone to have fun.


  • If you are going out, make sure your parents have your number and your cell is fully charged.
  • If you're laying out some munchies, make sure no one's allergic to anything.
  • Don't do anything without your parents permission or they'll drop the word "grounded" at some point.
  • Don't do anything with drugs, alcohol, or anything that can harm you or your friends.

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