How to Have a Happier Life

While technology, comfort, resources etc. have dramatically increased over the past few decades, it is still very difficult to find a perfectly happy human being. Longevity with better medical care, ease of life with more resources, modern conveniences, and so on were supposed to make a person happier but is there something wrong in our understanding of happiness? Let us try to explore how to live a happier life.


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    Take control of your own happiness. There are too many people in the world trying to reach happiness, and actually feel happy, but they won't be even smiling if they are waiting for someone or something to make them happy. If you can't make yourself smiling and happy, you will never be a happy one living.
    • Think of whatever makes you happy. Do it without waiting for someone to help you.
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    Avoid relying on outside factors for happiness. While everyone has their own concept of happiness, be it money, a big house, a relationship, alcohol etc. a person who is less dependent on external resources for his/her happiness will be less affected by factors such as loss, under achievement, failure etc. While achieving something always helps in growth, making it a condition for happiness can lead to situations like depression, continuous anxiety etc. as the external resource is in a way controlling that persons life. While true independence is rarely possible, less dependence can make a persons life happier.
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    Try to find your true nature. Every human being is unique but the societal codes for success, failure, good, bad etc. have been made the common for all, thus limiting a person from exploring himself, while security can enhance the duration of person's life it cannot guarantee quality, happiness, satisfaction and many other aspects.
    • A person can be very successful in his/her field but if what he/she is doing is against his/her nature than almost certainly the person will be unhappy, as a friction will be created between the person's nature and the task he/she is trying to accomplish. You can teach a tiger how to jump through hoops but its true nature will always be hunting. So understand your true nature and try not go against it.
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    Explore new aspects of life. Life has too much to offer and sometimes we just get stuck on a few of them, the feelings like boredom are a result of our inability to comprehend the multiple aspects of life.
    • Get involved with new hobbies, and pursue all opportunities that interest you.
    • Eat food that you have never eaten before. It never hurts to try new foods!
    • Learn new languages and meet new people.
    • Take some time to explore something new by yourself. Stay a whole week in a place alone. Try to see everything there, and explore every inch of the place knowing how beautiful it is to do new things.
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    Strive for balance. Be it work, relationships, leisure or anything else, finding a balance is very important in order to lead a happier life. The basic idea behind this aspect is that giving more or less time to any aspect that is important to your life, will ultimately affect all the other aspects, directly or indirectly, which can than cause a sense of un-fulfillment, dilemma, fights, loss of efficiency etc. Therefore it is important to balance relationship, work, leisure and any other aspect of your life that is important to you, so that you do not compromise with your finance, emotional needs etc.
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    Stop blaming others. When a person is unhappy or facing a problem, it is seen that he/she starts blaming friends, family members, society etc. This takes the responsibility of the shoulders of the person and it takes away from him an opportunity to correct his/her mistakes and when the situation arises again the person again uses the same technique. A better approach would be to stop and figure out where the person went wrong and claiming full responsibility of the situation, even though he/she is not totally responsible for the crisis, and analyzing how he/she could deal with it in the future.
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    Keep the right company. Friends should be selected very carefully, not just to avoid loneliness, as more often than we realize bad friends can be very damaging. Friends who are not on a persons intellectual level, are greedy, are sadists, jealous etc. can suck the life energy out of that person. It is better to have no friends or less friends than having such friends.
    • Select friends who are on same or better intellectual level than you are, who do not try to distract you, rather guide you towards your goals, who are not continuously indulging in negative talks and who share common interests. These are some qualities that will help you in selecting better friends and thus increase the quality of both your friend's as well as your life.

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