How to Have a Low Budget Dance Party

Have you ever wanted to just get out and dance and show off some moves ,but aren't planning on hitting the clubs anytime soon or maybe you just want to have some fun for a change? Now is your chance! You can have your own dance parties at home or at a friend's without busting your wallet. This quick party set up works perfect for sleepovers or just a get together with friends. You'll want to have one of these again and again!


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    Plan a date: The nice thing about this type of party is that you don't have to plan months in advance ,but common-sense, try not to wait 'til the last minute to drop the invitations to your friends. #.Find a room: So your having a dance party,huh? Find a room that would get you and your friends to get their groove on. A dark spacious room works best such as a basement. Make sure the whole time everyone is dancing to leave the lights off,this promotes more dancing and less wallflowers.
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    . Lights/decorations/theme: A dance party would not be the same without some lighting, think flickering lights etc. You can buy lighting without spending a fortune. Go to department stores and buy strobe lights,lava lamps,or disco balls.
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    This party does not need a theme, however if you are picking a theme choose an exciting theme such as having all the guests dress up in costumes of the 1980s or figures from history.
    Set up a playlist: What's any party without some good music,especially a dance party? With this instant party no DJ is needed! So go ahead grab your CDs or mp3 player! CDs will work just fine ,however,the best way to get all your music together would be to use an mp3 player. With an mp3 player, you can convert your music from CDs to mp3 files or use iTunes that way you don't have to stay all night at the boombox switching CD after CD and you can enjoy yourself. Also, ask your friends to bring their mp3 players or CDs so that you can listen to more variety.
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    Menu: For this party create a menu. Small inexpensive snacks such as cookies,chips and dip will work just fine. For the drinks you can have,pop,bottled water and punch or anything you want.
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    Think of activities: At this party, especially if you have a lot of guests, not everyone is going to be dancing so make sure you have some activities in mind or simply have some room where people can socialize.
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    Have the party: So there you have it! You have just created a party that is not only low budget but just as exciting as a high budget one. Who would have known?....


  • For some cool lighting to dance around in, buy glow sticks. You can find glowsticks at most department stores and dollar stores,such as Dollar Tree.
  • Suggestion: So that you can have a variety of foods, ask your friends to bring some of their food so it can be like a potluck, that way you have one less thing to worry about,making all the food.

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