How to Have a Party by Yourself

Depressed and bored? Want to have some fun alone time!? This article must be read!


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    Prepare. Pick a large empty room. Lock the door, and tidy it up. This will reduce the mess when clean up afterwards. Then plump the pillows on the couch/bed, throw out a few throws, and clean off the coffee table/night table/end table. Go into the kitchen and pick out a few snacks, but don't spend so much time making them. Set the refreshments up on a table on the other side of the room. Bring paper towels for spills.
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    Decorate. Get out some streamers, balloons, or even candles. Light the candles and put them around the room. Throw the streamers through the spaces between the fan blades. Tie balloons to ribbons and tie them to the legs of chairs, tables, beds, stuffed animals, etc. If possible, dim the lights.
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    Entertain. Put your iPod into your iHome, or place a CD into a CD player. Play one of your most favorite wild and fast-beat songs. Dance like you've never danced before! When you are tired, pick out one of the drinks you brought as refreshments, sit down, and rest, while watching your favorite movie!
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    Fun and Games! Play Truth or Dare-- with yourself! Another game is Time Ticker. Count down to five. In that time, you have to complete one task. Pretend that if you don't do it in that five seconds, a bomb will go off. Then do two tasks in the next countdown, then three. Keep on going until your tasks exceed 5 seconds. Play online games if a computer is in the room.If you really want action, then play Memory Master. You have to remember a set amount of things.If you remember all the things reward yourself.
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    Second go-round. Pop in another CD and dance like CRAZY!!Pretend you're in a dance competition! If you win, give yourself another piece of cake/cookie, or a piece of candy!
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    Clean up. Tidy things up. Seal food, and put the lids on bottles. Bring dishes to the kitchen, and vacuum the floor.
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    Beauty sleep! Put in a hip song, blast it so that you can hear it from the bathroom! Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and get in your comfy pajamas. Then grab a blanket & pillow, or sleeping bag. Grab a spot on the floor, or sleep on the couch. But this is a party, possibly a sleepover! Don't sleep on the bed! Before you sleep, set in a peaceful, quiet CD and...
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    A Wake-up call. ...Set your alarm to 3 o'clock-- at night! Then drift off to sleep, and then wake up for a Refrigerator Raid! Grab lots of snacks, go to your room, and brainstorm! Maybe you can play a prank on neighbors or someone else in the house! Try not to get caught though!
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    Condemned! After getting caught for your sneaky plan, go back to bed and wake up late! You can sleep in, can't you?! If you can't, well, then just get up and pretend it never happened.


  • Don't ever tell anyone about what you did!
  • Close the blinds.
  • Don't let anyone see you party.
  • Lock the door.
  • Grab or make a microphone and start rocking out!
  • Do the party when everyone's out of the home.
  • Take photos! Show it to your best friend only.
  • Don't let your pet come!
  • Do everything that is fun that you can do by yourself.


  • If you get caught partying on your own, you could be seriously embarrassed.
  • Check the windows! Someone may be watching you...
  • If you use streamers, don't turn the fan on!

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