How to Have an Awesome Overseas Class Trip

Going abroad with school? Here are some top-tips to make sure you have the best holiday ever, without getting in trouble!


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    Make sure you pack everything you could possibly need on your trip. There's nothing worse than arriving at a hotel and finding you've forgotten your pajamas or something. Also, never skip items on your check-list because they aren't cool. If your teacher/group leader has said that you need a waterproof coat, you probably need one. You don't want to end up ruining your holiday over a small detail like that.
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    Pack appropriately for the place you are going. If you are going hiking through the alps, you will not need your bikini or your flip-flops. Take a reasonable sized suitcase that will easily hold all your things, and doesn't need to be sat on for you to close it. If you suitcase is black, brown, gray or navy blue put a brightly coloured belt or something else distinctive on it that will make it easily recognisable. You don't want to have problems because someone else has picked up your bag thinking it was their own
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    However you're getting to your holiday destination, there will be some sort of travel involved. Make sure you where comfortable clothes, and possibly bring a blanket and pillow if the journey exceeds four hours, or is at a time when you would normally be asleep. If you are taking any electronic entertainment such as iPods or games consoles, make sure they are fully charged before you go, and if possible bring the chargers with you as well.
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    Sort out your rooming arrangements before you go. If possible, ask your teacher to sort out who's sharing with who before you go on your trip. If not, just agree with your friends where you'd like to sleep so that there are no arguments when you get to your hotel.
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    Be safe in your hotel. Check where the fire exits are, and make sure you pay attention when the safety drill is explained. Always lock your door when you leave the room, and make sure you lock any interconnecting doors between rooms as well. Keep your room keys with you at all times.
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    Don't plan your days too carefully. Plans that are too detailed will never work out. Just go with whatever happens in the day, you'll probably end up having more fun that way, and you might end up doing something you never would have planned. If you really have to plan something, you could pre-arrange a time to come home at the end of the day. That way, you feel you aren't totally running wild.
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    Make time for midnight feasts! No holiday with friends is complete without a mega midnight feast. Make sure you bring all your favourite snacks with you, but buy any fruit or dairy products once you're there because some countries have laws on what foods you can bring in them. You should also take advantage of the different foods that you can get abroad and not back home. Doritos, cookies, chocolate, sweets and popcorn are must-haves at a midnight feast.
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    Work your way around the "No boys and girls in the same room" rule. Just because your teacher says that you can't have boys in girls rooms, and vice versa, doesn't mean that you have to stick to that. Don't try anything dangerous, like scaling buildings though, just stick to simple tricks. A great one is to hide any "forbidden guests" in your bathroom, along with someone from that room, and put the shower on whenever you hear a knock at the door. When the teacher comes in, you can say that your friend is taking a shower, because no teacher is going to ask if he/she can check. You could also use low windows as a means of escape, but only if you are on the ground floor as it could be dangerous.
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    Dress up to go out in the evenings. This may be the only chance to impress the girls/boys in your school with your superb dress sense and ultimate style. There's no point staying bundled up in an anorak and tracksuit bottoms for the whole holiday. It's great to get glammed up with your mates and go out for dinner without any hassle from parents or teachers, and you never know when that special someone might be looking.


  • Make sure you have money in the appropriate currency before you leave.
  • If there's a time difference, make sure people at home will be awake before calling them.
  • Call or text your parents when you have a spare minute. That way, they won't be calling you when you're busy.
  • Bring nice pajamas. Sleeping in clothes or underwear doesn't give a good impression, even if it's only your friend you're sharing a room with.
  • Make sure you tell your teacher/group leader of any dietary requirements you might have. They will make sure there is always something you can eat.
  • Make sure you leave room in your suitcase for any presents or souvenirs you might be bringing home.
  • Check what time breakfast is the night before so that you can be up on time. It might be useful to bring an alarm clock, or use the one on your phone.
  • Don't start or get caught up in any arguments. You don't want to fall out with people who you're stuck with for the rest of the trip.
  • If they speak a different language in the country you're going to, take a phrase book. It can be a big help, especially in restaurants.


  • Always be back when you are told to be. If your teacher says be back at 5, be back at 4.55 just in case.
  • Never go out by yourself.
  • Stay safe, if something looks dangerous don't do it. You must always obey all the signs you see.
  • If you do get in trouble for anything, own up at once. If you don't, you will only make things worse.
  • If you ever feel in danger or you feel that something is wrong, go back to your group meeting point immediately.
  • Check the laws of the country you are going to regarding travel. Make sure you aren't carrying anything that could get you into trouble at an airport etc.
  • Always take a mobile phone with you.
  • If you see a sign saying do not enter, DO NOT ENTER!
  • If you can, take a map with you when you go out in the day.

Things You'll Need

  • Your perfectly packed, easily recognisable suitcase.
  • Food for midnight feasts
  • Foreign currency
  • Mobile phone
  • Electrical adapters for wherever you are going
  • Brilliant friends
  • A relaxed mind

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