How to Have Fun After Exams

After the hectic days of exam full of tension and stress, when the exams are done, it's time to have fun. If you're feeling too lethargic to plan some fun escapades post-exam, this article will come to your rescue.


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    Dump down all your books , texts and papers. You don't need to think about those right now. Take a good break from the studies.
    • Don't throw anything away, just in case you need to sit an exam again. You never know.
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    Don't think about how your exam went or what the result will be. It's done now and you cannot change it so put it to the back of your mind.
    • Avoid doing post-mortems on the exam with your friends. There is no point and at least one of you is bound to be completely wrong.
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    Rest. Do not feel guilty about not studying. It can be hard to come off the study treadmill initially but let yourself do so quickly. Sleep in if you can, take longer to get ready in the mornings and relax often.
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    Read for pleasure and not for learning. Choose books, comics, magazines and papers that interest you so that you can enjoy yourself when reading. None of this should be a chore.
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    Go to parties. These will require having energy again, but they may also energize you by being there. Grab some friends and either hold a party of your own or go to other parties you know about. Dance the night away and catch up on all the missed gossip.
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    Listen to music. Lie back, turn on the music and simply enjoy listening to it for a while.
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    Go for drives. Grab a few friends and do some interesting drives. Or grab your soulmate and take a long drive somewhere special. Go to places you love visiting and enjoy your time there.
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    Go to the movies. Watch as many as you like. Or, watch films online or on TV. Invite friends over, so that you won't be lonely.
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    Get energetic. Go for a bike ride, a swim or a visit to the gym. Get a new exercise regime underway, to help you restore fitness that you might have neglected during the exam period.
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    Visit nature. Go for a hike, a stroll or even a camping trip. Getting into nature can help you to relax and feel completely away from everything for a time.
    • Try some stargazing. It's a relaxing and fun way to spend a few nights with friends, on the back lawn. You could even pitch tents out there together.
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    Take your dog for walks. Spend more time with your pets. They might have noticed you were stressed for a while, so give them your less stressed self now and plenty of attention.


  • Plan a trip away. Perhaps you can't afford one yet but at least you could prepare a budget and have some savings goals for one.
  • Take up a new hobby. Do something that you want to do for a change.
  • If you love studying, you could get a head start on the next year's curriculum. However, give yourself a break before getting back into it. Everyone needs to do something different for a while, to improve perspective.


  • Drink responsibly. If you're underage, don't drink alcohol at all.

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