How to Have Fun All the Time

Are you sitting in your grease-stained underwear, tiredly playing a computer game for the millionth time? Do you feel that your life is a collection of tired yawns, doing boring work, and restless nights of sleep. And, then you see the kids just your age throwing pillows, cooking new foods, telling jokes, and doing everything you admire. Jealousy pangs through your veins as you yet again realise how much fun these kids must be having, and how boring your life seems. There isn't any way to change that, right? Wrong. Being fun isn't in your personality, it is a way of using it! Do you want to have every night as a party, every night being a laugh attack. Yes? Almost every kid does. You can do it here, with this awesome article to guide you to a life of fun and giggles.


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    Look at flyers posted around school. Joining clubs is an amazing way to have fun, and meet your new best friend. They don't have to be boring. If you like math, go for it! Acting? Go for it! Cooking food? Go for it!
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    Attend as many of these events as you desire, bring lots of friends and encourage people to come along. Even better, host parties to your liking.
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    Mark dates on your calendar when your going to movies, parties, shopping, concerts, work, social events to keep organized and remember when you are going somewhere. You don't want to realise your schedule has two things at once.
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    Take up courses that interest you. Some ideas are dance classes, volunteer work, exercise/fitness programs, art lessons, music lessons, sports teams, clubs. Maybe even babysitting little, cute kids can do the trick.
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    When you're at a boring event (a cottage, alone for the weekend etc.) do something wacky, like jumping in the lake/pool or going for a 5 hour bike ride.
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    Be a kid! Take water guns and fill them with paint to make a masterpiece. Awesome things are to host a hula hoop competition, go through old music, bake cookies etc. . Do random things a kid would do.
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    Turn chores into fun. Cooking supper? Dance to music. Raking leaves? Jump in them. Doing laundry? lay in the warm clothes. Fun? You bet.
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    Build your charisma, be willing to make conversation with anyone, don't limit who you talk to. Invite people along even if you don't know them well.
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    Be daring! If you go to a Mexican restaurant order the spiciest thing on the menu like a "Blazing inferno" (guaranteed to get your friends to have a laugh and an opportunity to try out their new camera phones!). You will laugh your head off.


  • Hang around people who like to have fun and go places, it's hard to have fun with people who never want to do anything.
  • Smile. Even when you're feeling down, it's an instant picker-upper.
  • Try to have your weekend plans figured out in advance.


  • Make sure you have time to relax alone. Too many events can overwhelm you, and you won't have time to study or clear your mind.

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