How to Have Fun by Yourself on a Saturday Night

Eight Methods:Getting ArtisticWriting CreativelyEnjoying the OutdoorsMaking MusicHaving a Movie NightMaking CraftsGetting Some ExerciseGetting Online

Saturday nights are great times to relax and unwind after school or work, but they can get boring if you spend them alone. Luckily, there are plenty of options to liven up your night. No matter what your interests are, you'll be able to relax and have fun with a creative project, a bit of exercise or a good movie.

Method 1
Getting Artistic

  1. Image titled Draw Fashion Sketches Step 3
    Sketch something. Grab a pencil or pen and some paper and start sketching. Sketching is easier than painting because you need far less supplies and you'll make less mess. You don't have to be an amazing artist to sketch a person or an object, just a little practice and a lot of time. Consider taking a free online course or watch some tutorials for pointers about lines and shading.[1]
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    Paint a painting. Pick a simple subject like a landscape or a bowl of fruit and paint it. This activity will take a little more foresight than sketching, because you'll have to buy the right supplies. Visit a craft store and pick up a basic set of acrylic or oil paints, some brushes, a canvas and an easel. As with sketching, try watching a few instruction videos online, or check out tutorials.[2]
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    Make a funny comic. If you enjoyed sketching and have a great sense of humor, try making your own cartoon characters. Start by imagining a funny character, or by modeling your art style on an a cartoon that you like. Then, create some panels for your comic. Sketch your characters in the boxes and give them text bubbles to show their dialog.[3]
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    Make a poster. Decorating your room can be a great project for a Saturday night. Decide what you want to put on your poster: a quote, a silhouette or some characters from your favorite show. Print out or draw different images for your poster and then glue them to a large posterboard to make a collage.

Method 2
Writing Creatively

  1. Image titled Journal for Therapy Step 15
    Write in a journal. Journaling is an amazing way to gain insight into your feelings and to record moments from your daily life. Date your entry and write about how you're feeling, what you're seeing and what you're thinking about. Journaling is most effective if it becomes a habit, so try to write in your journal more often than just Saturday nights.[4]
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    Write a short story. Writing a short story often seems daunting, and you may be worried that you don't have enough creativity. However, if you just start typing, you may be surprised at the ideas that come out. If you already have an idea, map it out by creating an outline or a plot arc. Then get to work writing your story.[5]
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    Write poetry. Poetry is a great way to put your ideas on paper, and it can be even more fun than writing prose. Poetry lets you describe objects and events in creative ways, and the sky is the limit with the amount of creativity you bring. Decide what to write about, and then practice putting your poetic thoughts on paper. Remember, poetry doesn't have to rhyme: it can be as free form as you like.[6]

Method 3
Enjoying the Outdoors

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    Go to a nature preserve or park. If the weather is nice, go for a walk. Connecting with nature is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself, so drive or walk over to the nearest park or nature reserve. If it's cold, you can still take a walk: snowy or wintry weather can be just as beautiful as summer weather. Just make sure to bundle up.
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    Walk in a city. Walking in an urban area can be just as interesting as walking in nature, and you're sure to see a lot of interesting shops and people along the way. If you live in or near a city, wander a bit downtown and explore the parks, boulevards and unique sights.[7]
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    Go star-gazing. Stargazing can be aided by telescopes or binoculars, but you don't need any special equipment to enjoy the stars. Simply find a quiet, dark place and look up. Try and identify constellations and planets, and break out the telescope if you have one. If you live in a densely populated area, you might have to take a drive to find an area with less light pollution.[8]

Method 4
Making Music

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    Write lyrics for a song. If you're musically inclined, try your hand at writing a song and lyrics to go with it. Writing a song is much like writing poetry, but you'll have have to fit the lyrics to a melody. Grab a pen and paper, then write about how you're feeling or about a situation you were in recently.[9]
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    Play an instrument. Many people have an instrument gathering dust in a corner or a closet. Quiet Saturday nights are the perfect time to put the instrument to use and learn how to play. Start slow, and use internet tutorials or music books to learn the basics. If you don't already have an instrument, buy an inexpensive instrument like a ukulele or melodica with a basic songbook.[10]
  3. Image titled Sing Opera Step 20
    Sing. One of the best things about being home alone is that you can sing as loud as you want, and no one will be annoyed. Put some jams on with your phone, computer or radio and sing along at the top of your lungs. For even more fun, pull up karaoke tracks of your favorite songs on youtube and practice your star power.[11]

Method 5
Having a Movie Night

  1. Image titled Rent a Movie Step 9
    Watch a movie. There are many ways to stream movies on demand nowadays, and it's pretty inexpensive: try Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Media. If you don't have the internet, make a trip to a Redbox or rewatch a movie you've already seen. If you've got a long night alone, watch more than one movie.[12]
    • Make some popcorn or other snacks for extra fun. Movie night isn't the same without some popcorn and movie theater candy, so make a trip to the grocery store for some inexpensive snacks.
    • Watch a classic. If you've got a list of movies you've been meaning to watch, check a couple off of your list. Watch an old Marilyn Monroe movie, or watch back to back John Wayne westerns.
    • Watch a series. Watching all three original Star Wars movies or all three Lord of the Rings films might take a while, but you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the story. Check out other series like Star Trek, The Hunger Games, or Indiana Jones.
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    Watch a movie in a different language. If you understand another language, it can be fun to watch a foreign film without subtitles. If you don't understand any other languages, make up your own comical dialog for the film. Try the foreign film sections of your local film rental shop or Netflix to find an interesting foreign movie.
  3. Image titled Pitch a Movie Step 28
    Make your own movie. Using a video camera, a Webcam, or even your phone, make your own movie. Write a simple script and then ad lib your lines to make a comedy, a drama, or a horror film. At the end of the night, make popcorn and hold a "screening" of your film.

Method 6
Making Crafts

  1. Image titled Knit an Infinity Scarf Step 12
    Knit. Not only is knitting relaxing, but you end up with a useful product at the end of your hard work. Knitting requires a little practice and some supplies, so head to your local craft shop and pick up needles, yarn, and an instruction book. Practice simple patterns and items first, like scarves.[13]
  2. Image titled Decorate For Valentine's Day Step 12
    Make decorations for your house. Using materials you already have around the house, make small models, wreathes or wall hangings. Look around for craft supplies you may already have, like clay, glue, pipe cleaners or cardboard, then let your imagination run wild. Make a model of your favorite cartoon character with clay and paints, or make a small flag with some fabric and paints.
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    Stain glass. Making your own stained glass is easy and fun. All you need are pieces of glass, a brush and special glass paint from your local craft store. Choose colors you like, then apply them to your pieces of glass with the brush. Be sure to let them dry for a few hours. Then use your glass pieces to make jewelry, a sculpture or filling for an accent bowl.[14]

Method 7
Getting Some Exercise

  1. Image titled Bike for Weight Loss Step 5
    Go for a bike ride. If you have a bike and good path for cycling, go out for a bike ride. Cycling is a great form of exercise because you burn a lot of calories without as much high impact as running. Cycle around your area to get some exercise, and time your laps if you want to compete with yourself. Bike riding will depend a lot on the weather, so don't go out if it's too wet or cold and be careful on busy streets, as cars often don't see cyclists.[15]
  2. Image titled Be a Good Runner Step 18
    Jog. Whether you have a treadmill or the weather is nice, get a little jogging in. Jogging will give you more energy for your activities later, and burn off some calories from any unhealthy food you may have eaten over the weekend. Make sure you have a good pair of running shoes and some comfortable workout clothes. Don't take it too fast if you don't run often, and make sure to stretch before and after you jog.[16]
  3. Image titled Stay Underwater in a Swimming Pool Step 13
    Go swimming. If the weather allows, go for a swim. Whether you have access to a pool, a lake or the ocean, swimming is a great way to get some exercise. Swimming is even easier on your body than cycling or running, because it's even lower-impact than other cardio exercise. Grab a swimsuit and do some laps: time your laps for competitive fun.[17]
  4. Image titled Choose a Pre Workout Meal Step 9
    Do some weight-lifting. Weight lifting is great for your body, and helps you look good too. Keep in mind that one night of lifting weights won't do much for your physique. You'll have to keep it up and continue lifting weights several types a week. However, quiet Saturday nights are a great time to start. Go to a nearby gym or invest in a weight set for your house, then learn the basics. The types of exercises you need to do will depend on your goals, so talk to a trainer or consult weightlifting books for more information that's tailored to you.[18]

Method 8
Getting Online

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    Play games online. There are many websites devoted entirely to games. Whether you like to play simple games like Solitaire or complex video games, you're bound to find something you love. Start by typing the name of the game you want to play into a search engine, then look for a version that you like.
    • For more complex or multiplayer video games, try downloading a game store browser. Browsers like Steam let you search for video games by genre, and many are inexpensive or even free.[19]
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    Go on a site to chat with strangers. If you're over 18, there are many fun sites that you can use to chat with strangers from around the world. Talk to people your age from South America, Europe and Asia using chat clients like Omegle or ChatRoulette.[20] Stay safe and be careful when chatting online: remember never give out any personal information.
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    Edit online articles. Sites like WikiHow and Wikipedia allow you to edit articles and contribute to the site. Editing these articles is especially fun if you have knowledge on a particular topic and like to write. Check out online encyclopedias and learn how their articles are formatted, then begin contributing your knowledge.
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    Watch funny videos. Comedy videos come in all varieties, and you can find plenty on Youtube, Vimeo and Vine. Search for "funny videos" and then branch out to related videos, picking other links that seem even funnier. Look to see if your friends have posted any of their own videos on social media, and check them out.
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    Spend time on social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to talk to your friends and see what they're up to. The more that you read about what's going on in the world, the less lonely you'll feel on a quiet Saturday night. Try chatting with friend that you haven't spoken to in a long time and see how they're doing.


  • Go to bed at a reasonable time. Saturday may be a traditional night to stay up late, but if you stay up too late, you'll feel terrible in the morning.
  • If you're really bored, you may feel like going to sleep even though you're not tired. However, this can mess with your sleep cycle and leave you feeling groggy. Only sleep as much as you normally would, or the standard 8 hours.
  • Try to do something productive if you feel bored watching TV. While a movie night may be fun, you might have more fun making a craft or working on a project.
  • Try not to use your computer right before bed. The light from the screen can disrupt your sleep patterns and make your brain think that it's daylight. You won't be able to sleep well. Try to stop using the computer 1-2 hours before sleeping.


  • Always be careful online. Don't give any personal information to stranger on the internet, and leave situations that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you're under 18, ask a parents permission before going outside. Nature walks and exercise are great activities, but your parents will be worried if you leave the house without telling them.
  • Talk to a doctor before doing any new exercises, especially if you have a medical condition.

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