How to Have Fun for Less or for Free

Having fun does not have to cost a lot of money. Skip the movie tickets, pricey restaurants and bar entrance fees. But hey, we can all have fun without digging a hole in our pockets. It just requires a little imagination. Here are a few tips on how to have fun for less or absolutely free!


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    Have a movie marathon. Invite your friends over to share the night watching movies. Try a double date. Ask everyone to bring a movie, a couple of sodas and a bag of chips or popcorn. Hey, you don't need to go to the movie theater to have an amazing movie experience. Just put the lights off, pile lots of pillows and voila! Movie marathon for less.
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    Have drinks at home. Invite your friends over for a fun evening. Forget about the pricey bars and noisy club scene. Chill and relax at home with your friends. Prep up those speakers and play some mellow, acoustic tunes to suit the vibe. Try Life house tunes or Boyce Avenue. Assign a designated driver.
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    Cook something elaborate. The ingredients need not be expensive. It is actually less important that the ingredients be expensive: meat that is very tasty but needs cooking a long time for tenderness is cheap; generally, an expensive flavoring or two can be substituted with something cheap or omitted. This goes well with movie-watching at home and even improves drinking at home, by complementing the flavors of the alcohols and moderating the rate of their absorption.
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    Read a good book. Don't just exercise your mind, exercise your imagination. Reading a good book helps to escape reality once in a while. Go to the bookstore and choose a coffee-perfect book to read throughout the day or all night long. For teens, try "Like Water for Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel for a passionate romance novel. Try the Madison Finn series or the Mary-Kate and Ashley books.
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    Blog to express yourself. Almost everyone has a blog, and by now, you should have one, too. A blog is your own personal space online where you can write just about anything under the sun. A blog is not only for writers, but for anyone that cares to venture. Try Who knows? You may just discover the inner writer in you.
    • Or you could WikiHow, including wikiHowing about how to save money. It puts one in a good frame of mind to save money.
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    De-stress with photography. Photography is surely a relaxing way to take away all of your stress. Grab that camera and go.
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    Edit pictures. You don't need to be an expert to your edit pictures! Adobe Photoshop may be difficult, so try a site where you can edit for free. Try or They edit your picture from boring to va-va-voom in less than a minute.
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    Play free fun games online.


  • Having a good friend right now would help.


  • Trying to find a way to de-stress can backfire. Try not to get stressed out while looking for something to relieve your stress.
  • Be careful of malware when playing online games, and keep an eye on the amount of time you spend.

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