How to Have Fun in a Boring College Class

College costs a lot in time, money and effort. But that doesn't mean all of the classes are riveting and sometimes, just sometimes, you might have to be there for attendance but you'd rather zone out and catch up on the class material through your own work and research. In such a case, here are some suggestions for finding things to occupy yourself with in a boring college class.


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    Play mind games. These are the sorts you don't need to do anything other than sit there and stare ahead, acting as if you're listening but you're really miles away thinking about completely different things.
    • Try stacking people on top of each other in your mind's eye. This will for sure entertain you for an extended period of time since people are all different. With your mind, see how many people fit in the given room you’re in by stacking them. Perfect for when you cannot focus on one more word and want to get through this class.
    • Count how many hairs you have on your entire head. Warning! Do this only if extremely bored. Since singular hairs are small and hard to count, this will take a whole lot of time and before you know it, the class will be over! This might become aggravating at times but at least you’re learning how to be patient.
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    See how long you can go without blinking. Test yourself. What better way than drying out your eyeballs, right? Bonus points if someone asks you if you’re okay.
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    Work on an assignment. It might be for that class or another class, but make hay while the sun shines. The class might be boring but at least you're getting the assignment work done, and since that is what counts by way of marks, it's a productive response to a dull class. Also, by doing homework in class it looks like you’re actually doing classwork.
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    Narrate everything that is happening. Be sure to do it as quietly as possible though! State everything that is going on as it happens. You can do this alone or team up with a classmate sitting beside you. Very entertaining. Bonus points if you make someone laugh.
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    Make a to-do list. Boring as it may sound, it is actually very useful and may occasionally be entertaining, depending on what kind of person you are. To-do lists keep you focused on tasks that you have to get done. How ironic that you’re doing it in class, where you should be focused on the lecturer instead. What a shame.
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    Sharpen all your pencils. Warning! This will be very obnoxious and may enrage those around you, regardless, carry on. Sharpening pencils is both relaxing and entertaining, especially if the pencil was extremely dull before. Bonus points if the people around you let you sharpen their pencils and even join in.
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    Combine your classmates’ names to find the funniest one. Combining names is always a good idea. For the best results, try putting together names together that should never have become one. Bonus points if you whisper it to someone and they giggle.
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    Think of puns related to the dull class. Puns are always a good idea, though most only receive a loud groan. This will entertain you, and possibly people around you, for a good while. Bonus points if you tell someone a pun you’ve made up and they laugh or, what will most likely occur, groan.
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    Stare at someone until they get uncomfortable. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try staring someone down until they look away or start laughing nervously. This might make you seem very creepy, but if you live through this class, that’s all that matters in the end. Bonus points if the person on the other side also starts to stare you down.


  • Don't disturb others unless you know they're up for it. This is college, not school, and you'll be quickly put in your place by irritated, mature classmates.


  • You're paying for this, you know that, right? Don't overuse, it's just for those occasional times when you can't take it anymore and need an in-class break.

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