How to Have Fun in Horrible Weather

Is the weather horrible outside and you can't do anything fun? Well you are in the right page right now to figure out how to have fun when it's either snowing, raining, winding, or if there's a hurricane, tornado or blizzard.


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    Stay in touch. Right now is a good time to talk with family. You can work together on how to survive this issue, and you can talk about other things that will make people calm, relaxed, and happy. If the weather's frightful, people will mostly freak out, but you can turn that around. Also, you may consider writing a letter to Grandma, your big brother in college, aunt, niece, or godparents etc. Doing that will calm yourself down. If the storm isn't too bad, you can IM, email, use the computer, write a WikiHow etc.
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    Try to describe the event to posterity. Write down everything about it, or sketch the stormy view out the window. Write out your thoughts and associations too, along with what people are saying and how they're reacting. This is the sort of thing that later generations enjoy reading about, it's got drama! If you can do it safely, film the storm with your phone or video camera.
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    Just chill out. Get something that calms you down, here is a list of possible things:
    • Your teddy bear
    • Your family
    • Your journal/diary
    • An MP3 player or iPod that runs on batteries. Dance to the music or sing along.
    • A portable games console - Nintendo DS, PSP etc.
    • Your most prized possession, hugged in your arms.
    • A book you haven't read. If you don't like it then get another book.
    • Go to sleep.
    • Your imagination. Daydreaming can be quite fun and it'll pass the time. This doesn't work if you're prone to worrying. If your daydreams turn into fear fantasies and worries, find an outside distraction. But if you can redirect your imagination to pirate ships, magical battles or tropical cruises instead, it can be very enjoyable.
    • Your hobbies. Working on a model plane or knitting something helps ease tension and gives a sense that the time isn't wasted.
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    If you stay calm and focus on your item/thing to do, time will pass and the storm will be gone in no time. Breathing exercises may help you calm down in the first place. Any positive distraction is a good thing.
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    If you're alone with your spouse or true love, get romantic. Time passes way too fast when you're with someone you love, whether that's sharing your life story or culminating it with grand passion. This is a good time to explore all the positive things in your relationship.
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    Watch a movie if the storm isn't bad. Or use a battery operated DVD player or your iPod to watch a movie, especially if you have spare batteries. It might be good to buy several sets of rechargeable batteries and keep them charged for weather emergencies anyway since you'll need radio and/or Internet to stay informed.
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    Have fun. Play with your pet, and your toys.
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    Try to get some non-electric work done. Bills to pay, checks to write, things to calculate etc.
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    Try to teach your kids something they don't know. Now is a GREAT time to do so.
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    Explore history. Pretend you and your kids are cavemen. But if you got "grown-up like" kids like tweens and teens, don't involve them in the fun. Don't let your husband pretend or know you're doing this if he's hot and sexy.
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    Exercise/work out Now you can get muscles, lose weight, and get a hot and sexy body.


  • Experiment with cooking!
  • Make sure the book or movie is a one you have never seen before if you want the best results.
  • Try putting together outfits!
  • Make sure everybody is safe. It's not all about having fun.
  • Be considerate of the others who are trapped in with you by the weather. Try to stay positive with them, be particularly mindful and kind about their feelings. Take them at their word if they refuse reassurances or intimacy, each person handles stress in his or her own way. If you stay calm and enjoy yourself, that's the best thing you can do to help others calm down.
  • The steps work best if you never tried them!
  • If you write on wiki's, don't write bad things. Nobody likes being blocked.


  • Don't go outside. It's a really bad idea.
  • Do not start arguments with anyone who's sheltering with you, at all. They will explode out of proportion because everyone is trapped together in the basement or other shelter and become more difficult to resolve later. Don't say anything to any of them that you'll have to apologize for.
  • Everybody needs to be safe.
  • Do all these things in a basement. Remember all the safety procedures. Stay away from windows.
  • Don't offer reassurance more than once. If someone is asking for comfort or advice, that's one thing. Pushing it where it's unwanted can be extremely irritating. Sometimes with children and even adults, giving too much reassurance that everything is okay can build up their fears higher. Get real about it - "We're stuck in here, we're safe, it's boring but we'll probably be all right. We've done everything we can for safety so let's just find a movie all of us like."

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