How to Have Fun on Sanrio Town

Sanrio Town is a community filled with fun. It's got lots of things to do with the popular Japanese company "Sanrio" and the characters they make. If you think you will be interested in this, (it's open to both boys and girls) start by reading this article.


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    Sign up. The first and obvious thing to do is to sign up. But remember, this is a site where there are lots of people. Example: Say your name was Emma Ratchet, and you lived on 777 Princeton Lane. Your hobbies are doing soccer and collecting Hello Kitty items. A bad username would be emmaratchet777princetonlane, while a good username would be soccerkitty512.
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    Check your mail. You will be taken to the home page, where it will most likely say "You have 4 unread messages in Your Inbox." These are welcome messages from the Sanrio Town crew. Keep them, just in case you might need help.
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    Start a Blog. Every Sanrio Town member has a privilege to start a blog with the theme of their choice. If you are not sure about which theme you should pick, go to some other member's blogs. And remember - your blog is really up to you! You decide what to write and what to do on it. You can even upload pictures! And, your blog might even get chosen for Blog of the Week!
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    Use the Dream Studio. The Dream Studio is a place where you can safely upload videos. It's like a Sanrio based YouTube. If you're not too crazy on the idea of uploading videos, watch videos and comment on them. Some may be bad and some may be great, so see the variety! And at your home page, be sure to check out the Editor's Pick. Those are bound to be good videos!
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    Use the forums. If you are a chatty type, use the forums to meet people! There are tons of topics you can choose from - there's Friendship, Sanrio Collections, and so much more! It works just like a regular forum - go and check it out!
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    Play the Games. The Games Room is great! Along with new games being added often, the games can be challenging, easy, puzzling or simply great fun! Try to search for your favorite Sanrio character - they might have a game all to themselves!
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    Send Mail. That's right, once you sign up for Sanrio Town, you get your very own e-mail account! Tell all your friends. Plus, you get Kitty Points - something you can use when Hello Kitty Online is released! Not only is e-mailing your friends super fun, you can also choose a Sanrio Stamp to put on your e-mail! Now isn't that cool?
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    Send some E-Cards. The Sanrio Town E-Card centre isn't hard to miss. With various celebrations covered, you can send anything - from a birthday card to a Happy Thanksgiving Card! And be sure to try out all the characters. Send some to your friends, they will absolutely adore them!
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    Meet Sanrio Town Friends. Sanrio Town has a fun, bubbly community - you can practically meet anyone there! Just send them an e-mail, drop them a message on the forums - basically, you'll be bursting with friends! And remember, people can comment on your stuff too, so get to know them.


  • Once you've written a few posts on your blog, copy-edit them and upload pictures too! This could make your blog a candidate for Blog of the Week. Once your blog is recognized. as the Blog of the Week, you'll have tons of visitors! And, people will stop to comment on how lovely your picture is or how well you wrote that story.
  • Tell your friends to join! Not only will the Sanrio Town community grow, you'll also have some fun with your friends there - which is good, since you probably will like to have fun.
  • Try to beat the high-scores list! Try new games, because not so many people have played them yet. And if you get a good score - one of the top 5 - submit it! Not only will you get a few Kitty Points for playing - you will also get some recognition every time someone plays that game.
  • Dream Studio does work a little slow the first time you try it, but don't worry.
  • To make your Dream Studio video more exciting, add some graphics - they can be found in the menu. And have a catchy title - something like Tea Party will not catch people's eyes but a name like Cinnamon roll Drives A Barbie Car could really get some views.


  • If people beat you for the high score title, don't scream at them or make a fuss - this will get you banned.
  • Do not spam on other people's blogs. They might report you, and that's NOT good.
  • If anyone asks you for a password, report them. Because this is not safe.
  • If people start copying you, ask them nicely to stop.
  • Don't make rude videos. This could get you banned.

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