How to Have Fun when It's Raining

Is it raining outside? Are you doomed to stay inside all day? The horror! Not! Instead, try the following steps to allay the boredom and turn a blah day into a brilliant one.


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    Use the time to go online. If you have a computer (which you probably do since you're reading this) it's a great chance to browse the web, chat with friends, play games or you can listen to music. Try editing a wikiHow article if you like and an afternoon of rain won't seem long enough!
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    Catch up on some reading. Everyone has books in their house. You may not think about it, but magazines and comics make good reading too. Grab a small snack and get cozy with your book. You'll become hooked in no time!
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    Hit the tunes and exercise to them. Dancing is exercise too, only it doesn't feel so hard or bothersome, but don't look in a mirror if you are a bad dancer, singing could be counted as exercise too...
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    Play with one of your gadgets. Surely you have a Nintendo DS, iPod, Game Boy, a mobile or a dirty old gramophone in the attic that needs restoring to life. Give your electronic gizmos a whirl for the afternoon. Some people even find pleasure in undoing them and putting them back together again to see just how they work (don't do this with anything that isn't yours though!).
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    Watch a little TV. Put on a movie, grab some popcorn or chocolate and a drink. Choose a genre, such as scary movies, and make it a marathon. Ask friends over too, or your cat.
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    Play with your pet. If you have one, this can be a good time to catch up on some grooming, chatting and love lavishing.
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    Go outside and play in the rain if there is no lightening. Also, nothing is more more romantic than kissing in the rain.
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    Clean up your room. Ok, it doesn't sound that fun BUT it will get your room neat and you'll actually feel good about not having moss-covered sandwiches on the floor (or just in general feel happy). Also, doing it without your parents asking you is a great way to built up trust and responsibilities which, in turn, will get you more privileges.
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    Exercise. If you have a treadmill in your house or even a jump rope, exercising to your favorite song or watching TV while doing so is a great way to burn some energy and pass time.
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    Make a junk model. There's loads of rubbish lying around, isn't there? Well make use of it and create a model, sculpture or a collage. The hours will whizz by!
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    Invite a friend over. The funnest thing is to look around your house and see if there is a secret room nobody knows about. Then you and your friend can make it into your place. It's lots of fun! Even if you don't have a secret room, you can use your closet, your parents closet, or even your siblings closet (with permission from your parents and siblings).
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    Have a cooking marathon! Use that new recipe that you have been eyeing for a month! Pull out an old cooking book that is full of cool family recipes, make sure you have the ingredients and you are good to go.


  • Of course, you don't have to do whatever is here. You can do whatever you feel like but this is just to inspire you!
  • Be creative - an amazing idea may just pop up and enthrall you for months to follow.
  • This is your time! You deserve a little fun! If your friends can't come over, there are still many reasons to be happy and enjoy the time indoors.


  • If there is lightning outside stay indoors.
  • Be careful not to slip.

Things You'll Need

  • Gadgets
  • Books
  • Computer
  • A pet
  • Treadmill
  • Cooking ingredients

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