How to Have the Best School Year Ever

Five Parts:Planning in advanceBeing more organized this yearAchieving in schoolEnjoying schoolInteracting with other people

Improve things for yourself at school this year by making changes to your approach, your organization and your interactions with others. By aiming to have the best school year ever, you are on the right path to good marks, happy friendships and enjoyable external activities.

Part 1
Planning in advance

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    Start planning your school year the summer before. Think about what you're going to be like this year. Funny? Smart? What would you like to get off your back? A bad record? Weight? When you decide what you want to be like, think about what you're going to do to achieve this and how to make the school year easier, or more fun. Study more? Have more friends? After you have spent a long time thinking about it, tell your mom/dad. They can help a lot.
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    Enjoy your summer vacation. To start off a good school year, you need to have a good summer. What good will it do if you're complaining about what a horrible summer you had all school year? Try doing some fun things. Go on a vacation, play with friends, remodel your room, spend time with your parents, or try out a new hobby. When it's time for school and your teacher asks what you did this summer, you will have lots to choose from!
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    Get good school supplies. When it's time to go shopping for school supplies, choose cool stuff. Like instead of getting normal pencils, get cool ones with a pattern you like. Instead of getting a plain ruler, get a bendable one. When your getting your backpack, get the one you really like, because you'll have this all year. And for notebooks, get one with an awesome pattern, or your favorite animal.
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    Get the right clothes. If you wear really drab or uninspiring clothes, it's time to make a change. Choose cool clothes that you like. Fashion is a neat way to express yourself, so don't try to copy what your best friend is wearing, or what the most popular girl in school is wearing, because if it doesn't fit your personality, you won't be able to pull it off.
    • If you're not sure what style you have, try looking at fashion magazines or watch TV shows and see what the people are wearing. If you like an outfit, try to get something similar. Remember your accessories and shoes are a part of your whole look.

Part 2
Being more organized this year

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    Be organized. Make sure you write down any homework assignments you get and when they're due. Do your homework the night you get it. You don't want to get behind! Also, make sure you ask for help if you need it. Teachers love it when you do this, and it will ensure you don't get stuck during exam time.
    • Tidy your desk and locker (if you have one) regularly.
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    Be organized at home. It helps if you have clean surroundings so make sure your house is clean and your desk is tidy because it's nice to be able to study in a comfortable and clean place. Make sure your room is clean too; you don't want to wake up every morning to a mess!

Part 3
Achieving in school

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    Do your very best in class. Do homework on time, take notes, pay attention, etc. Talk to your teacher about anything you don't understand and ask lots of questions. This will make your teacher adore you and appreciate your efforts to succeed. Try volunteering for everything your teacher(s) need help with. If you really want to impress your teacher(s), do extra work. This will make your teachers putty in your hands.
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    Don't leave studying for tests until the last minute. It adds stress and you won't do it properly. Revise and study the same day you get home from school so you can help the information settle in your mind longer term.

Part 4
Enjoying school

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    Get up early in the morning (about an hour/hour and a half before you have to leave) and get dressed, brush teeth, pack lunch, etc. Once you've finished all of this, do a page of extra work, and pack every thing in your backpack. When your parents come down they'll be asking 'Pack your Backpack? Brushed your teeth?" Imagine their faces when you say yes to everything!
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    Dress to impress. On the first day of school wear your favorite outfit. This will make you feel comfortable and confident. Make sure to get a lot of sleep the night before, because if you're tired the first day that's not the way to start off the school year! Say hi to everyone and tell them your name and Try to make new friends. Get to know your teacher, too! If your school has lunch on the first day, pack something you love! This way if you end up having a bad morning, at least you have something to look forward to!
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    Make sure you have your best school picture ever. Wear an outfit that loads of people complimented you on, or one that you save for special occasions (just make sure it's not too dressy. A ballgown/tux would not be suitable here!). Try practicing a smile before hand so you know you'll look your best. Make an effort with your hair so it looks great in your photo. Remember, as long as your face and top half looks good, you don't need to worry about the rest because this part won't be in the picture.
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    Join after school clubs if they have any at your school. Choose activities you enjoy. Not only will you be doing something you love, you'll make lots of new friends. This will look good on future job applications, too!
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    Have good and tasty lunches this year. Go to the store and buy food that you like. Packing your own lunch not only shows responsibility, you get to choose what you want to eat.
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    Be healthy and fit. Stay toned so that you can do activities you like soccer. Being healthy will make you look fantastic and feel like joining in sports and other physical activities.

Part 5
Interacting with other people

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    Be with friends that actually enjoy being with you. It's a lot more enjoyable to do tasks with people that you like. This doesn't mean to dumping your old friends though. Try doing stuff they like, so as to boost your friendship with them.
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    Earn people's trust. This can be done by keeping secrets and promises. This will not only boost your friendship but also make that person like you more.
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    Host an end of the year pool party. At the end of the year invite the class (and the teachers) to a pool party. If you can't invite the whole class, invite 1-5 of your closest friends to a sleepover. After how good you've been this year, your parents will probably say yes! Have fun at the sleepover; you've earned it.
    • Other fun ideas include a sleepover or simply a trip to the shopping center. Whatever it is, make sure your friends enjoy it too.
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    Have a good relationship with your teacher. Don't be the teacher's pet, just be you. Offer to help in class and bring in your homework on time as this will hopefully give you a good report too! You can joke around with friends but if you get told by your teacher not to, stop joking around and pay attention!


  • It's great to have cool stuff, just make sure that's not why people are hanging around with you.
  • Hang out with friends out of school too! The best way to make a new friend is to invite them to your house. When you're both ready, have a sleepover!
  • Try to get your face in the Yearbook at least once! Wouldn't it be great to have everybody know your name?
  • After school clubs? Join them! Make the most of all the available opportunities before you regret what you missed out on. Enjoy.
  • Don't do this all by yourself, invite your friends to have the best school year too! The More the Merrier.
  • Invite you parents in on your goals for this year! Most likely if they understand your goals, they will help you with reaching your goals.
  • Good friends plus good grades plus good teachers equals a recipe for a great school year!


  • Don't make a lot of promises that you can't keep. For example, you say you promised your teacher you'd help after school, but you'd also said you'd play with your friend. Most likely your friends are going to break up with you, or you'll lose that bond with your teacher.

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