How to Have the Best Summer As a Teenage Boy

Summer can be a boring time for anyone, especially for teenage boys. After all, most of the guides on how to have a fun summer vacation seem to be directed at girls! That's where this guide comes in. Soon, you'll be having the best summer ever, without having to worry about what to do!


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    Write a story. You can write anything you want, even fanfiction - it's not something that only teenage girls do! Afterwards, post it on social media, such as Tumblr or Wattpad. If writing stories isn't your thing, then write a how-to article and post it on wikiHow!
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    Have a sleepover. Sleepovers aren't just for teenage girls, either! Invite a couple of friends, get loads of junk food, and watch any type of movie you choose. If you have siblings, it may even be a great chance to come up with ideas as to how to prank your brother or sister.
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    Challenge yourself. Give yourself a challenge and see if you can pull it off! Here are some ideas for challenges that could liven up your summer.
    • Say only "Yes" for one day.
    • See if you can jump on a trampoline for an hour.
    • Go for a day without using technology.
    • Avoid complaining for one day.
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    Download music. Find some music that you like and download it so you can listen to it. You can also create "summer playlists" or just a playlist that you can sit back and listen to while lazing around outside.
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    Go on a holiday. You can go to somewhere simple, such as a relative's house, or you can go somewhere like a sleep-away camp - or you can visit summer classics, like beaches or amusement parks. Alternatively, if you have a friend who lives far away from you, arrange to spend some time with them. Come up with plans for you two to do together!
    • If you want to go to a camp, depending on your age, you may not be able to go as a camper. It may be a good idea to ask about going as a camp counselor - you still get to go, but it's also a lot of extra work, so be prepared for what it entails!
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    Discover or work on a talent. Many people have hidden talents that they don't discover because they don't want to try! However, it can be a fantastic way to pass your summer by discovering or developing a talent for something. Try out some of the ideas below, and as cliché as it is, don't get disappointed if you don't start off amazing - practice is the key!
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    Use electronics. While it's not a good idea to spend your entire summer glued to your computer or phone, it can definitely be a good way to pass the time. Try playing games, whether they're simple Flash games or a "real" game. You can also browse websites, check on social media, or even just look at random articles on wikiHow!
    • You can find classic video games online. For example, very old games such as Space Invaders or Pac-Man can be found with a simple Google search.
    • If you have a 3DS and some money on the Nintendo eShop, you can purchase games from the GameBoy or NES era. For example, you can get Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow, or you can purchase the original Legend of Zelda game.
    • A non-video game example of something to do online is to research your family tree. While it might sound boring, it can actually be very interesting to learn about your past.
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    Earn some money. There are plenty of ways to earn money during the summer, especially since many people are going away on trips and may need to have someone take care of things at their homes.
    • Watch over someone's pets.
    • Mow lawns.
    • Wash cars.
    • Have a garage sale or use a site like eBay to sell things.
    • Babysit if you have the proper certifications.
    • If you're able to, consider getting a summer job. Many businesses have summer offerings for teens to take. However, make sure you have all prerequisites that you may need; many states require you to get a work permit from your school. Research your state to see whether you need a work permit. Additionally, many jobs will not take students under 16.
      • You may also be able to do volunteer work, but this doesn't earn you any money. However, it does give you volunteer experience.
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    Sleep. While you can't really spend the entire summer vacation sleeping, it's a great idea to get some extra sleep while you have the chance. After all, being in school doesn't really allow for a whole lot of sleep!
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    Take classes. Don't get annoyed by this suggestion - classes aren't just for school! You can learn anything through classes, whether they're at a college or online. Many options are available. Pick a subject that you'd like to learn about and find a class on it.
    • For example, if you're interested in programming, you can find many classes on it, whether the class is online or in person.
    • You can also learn a language over the summer, whether you studied it in school or not. Spanish and French are commonly taught in high schools, and sometimes even in middle school, but you could also learn German or Italian, or if you want to really challenge yourself, you could try Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, or another language that doesn't use an alphabet that you're used to.
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    Redecorate your room. Have you had the same room for two years now? It might be a good idea to give it a little bit of a change! Clean up your room and get rid of anything you don't want in your room anymore, and then consider making the following changes.
    • Move around your furniture.
    • Replace the furniture entirely.
    • Paint the walls a different color.
    • Put up new posters or pictures.
    • Reorganize your storage spaces. If you don't have storage spaces, get some, so that you don't have loose papers and supplies everywhere.

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