How to Have the Perfect Summer

Five Parts:Planning your summerIndoor activitiesOutdoor activitiesSpending time with friendsOther ideas

School has just ended, and you want to have the perfect summer, because before you know it school will start again. Time flies fast and fall is just around the corner. If you just sit in the house and watch TV, go on the computer, and eat ice cream, you'll have a boring summer. On the other hand, if you choose a few of these suggested activities, you'll have a ball.

Part 1
Planning your summer

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    Plan. In the month or so leading up to summer, plan what you are going to do. Use a notebook or even a sheet of paper to write down what you want to do.
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    Let your friends and/or family in on your plans. They might things that make it easy to get together and do fun things with each other.
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    Set your plan into action. Start doing fun stuff. Select from the many options offered in the following sections.

Part 2
Indoor activities

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    Enjoy music and movies. Go to concerts. See movies. Go to independent film festivals.
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    Shop. Go shopping in the mall, the thrift store, the bargain outlets.
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    Read. Read magazines for fun and books to keep your mind occupied. If you live in the city, read books at the bookstore; it's a chance to meet people too.
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    Bake at home. Practice some cooking and baking skills. Learn something difficult and hold a dinner party.
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    Be creatively productive. Try writing, poetry, painting, drawing, or play monopoly.
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    Take a summer course. Be open to new ideas.
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    Make a scrapbook or journal of your awesome summer. Or, make one about just one of things you did this summer, like going on an awesome trip to Washington, DC or going to visit your cousins in California.

Part 3
Outdoor activities

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    Get wet. Visit the beach. Find a swimming pool if no beach is nearby. Choose a sunny day.
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    • Take a vacation anywhere you want and meet new interesting people.
    • Go on many mini trips.
    • Try a road trip, cycle trip, or a cross country road trip and see the states or provinces. Or even other countries.
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    Enjoy theme parks. Go to to a theme park or a water park. Visit a circus.
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    Watch fireworks.
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    Visit local attractions. The Botanical Gardens, a museum, a zoo, an aquarium, are all ideal places to visit.
    • Check out fairs and carnivals; it's that perfect time of year! See if any fairs or carnivals are open near you.
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    Visit a farm. Try apple picking, berry picking, milking a cow.
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    Visit the great outdoors. Go camping, hiking, or go to the mountains.
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    Take a nature walk. Find where nature thrives in your part of the world, no matter how urban it may be.

Part 4
Spending time with friends

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    Spend lots of times with your closest friends and family.
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    Try making some new friends, extra friends can't hurt, you never know when you need them.
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    Have parties. Throw a pool party, a sleepover or have a BBQ.

Part 5
Other ideas

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    Work. If you want you can take a summer job like camp counseling.
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    Run your own business over summer. Here are some ideas:
    • Open a lemonade stand. But be creative with the flavors. You could do strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, kiwi, mango, and more!
    • Walk dogs. They're so cute, now matter how old they are! It's a good way to earn some pocket money. You can even get a friend to do it with you!
    • Start your own babysitting company. If you love children, then this is perfect for you! There are many articles on WikiHow to show you how to start your own business.
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    Be creative. Make sure you make the best of your summer, and you're not just staying inside all day. So if having a pool party is lame, think of other fun stuff to do with your friends!


  • Carry bottles of water, because some places can get really hot and muggy.
  • Make a list of new things to try with friends and try to fulfill them.
  • Get enough exercise and sleep. Just because it's break time doesn't mean it's lack of sleep time.
  • If you have a jammed schedule, try to get enough of rest.
  • Get as many friends as possible. The more, the merrier!
  • Chase the ice cream truck every Friday when it comes. It's a fun ice cream filled Friday!


  • Do not force your summer to be perfect, go with the flow, or your summer won't be the way you expected it to be.
  • Don't worry about school or your summer won't be as fun or memorable.
  • Try to go slow on money, money can go like water.
  • Don't do crazy stuff like jumping off from roof onto the ground and try to land and break a bone.
  • If you sleep in the day, there's so much you could be missing out on.
  • If you have a car and drive at night be careful, there are many maniacs on the road.
  • You could get sunburned and mosquito bites.
  • Depending on where you live or where you travel to, thunderstorms, fires, and tornadoes can come.

Things You'll Need

  • Bathing suit
  • Luggage
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Transportation
  • Money
  • Sandals/slippers/flip flops
  • Sunglasses

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