How to Help a Child Choose a Role Model

A role model can be good or bad but no doubt you're here to help a child choose a good role model. Children need someone who is able to set a good example at all times, as well as being calm and capable of explaining values in a way that the child will find makes sense and can appreciate in his or her own life. This article is mostly aimed at parents or guardians but there are likely other occasions in which you may find yourself helping a child to choose a good role model, such as when you're a teacher.


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    Ask yourselves the following questions when selecting a role model for your child:
    • What does my child and the possible role model have in common?
    • How much time can this role model spend with my child?
    • Is this role model somebody I trust and who models behaviors that reflect my own values, the values I wish passed on to my child?
    • Am I ready to watch my child mature or do I still feel that he/she still my baby? With this question, you will need to be as objective as possible and assess the child's maturity from the child's perspective, not your own preference.
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    Find a role model your child can relate to. Finding a role model who can introduce your child to new ideas, activities and approaches, as well as deepen their understanding of current hobbies and interests, is key.
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    Choose a role model who possesses good, healthy habits. The person you choose as a role model will be a part of helping to shape your child into who they will be 10 years from now. If you choose the right person, this role model will play an important part in helping your child flourish.
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    Make sure that the role model is happy to take on this mentoring or guidance role and has time available to spend with your child. In order for a role model to be a significant benefit to your child, he or she must be able to spend plenty of time together. Also be sure that this person is happy being asked to take on what is a very significant guidance role in your child's life.
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    Continue being a role model for the child too. Don't renege your role in mentoring and guiding your child. The best role model is still you! You can set positive examples for your child every day. Make sure you are mindful of the language you use and the behavior you employ. Children are always watching. Be the best you can be, so that your child will learn to be and do the same.


  • Not all children are ready for a role model. Do not push the child when he or she is not yet ready.

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