How to Help Save Africa From Hunger and Poverty

Most of the extremely poor live in Africa. There is also extreme poverty in India, China and South America. But these countries are in an economic upswing. In Africa, however, the misery rises steadily. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has tried for forty years with a neo-liberal economic policy (privatize state enterprises, liberalize markets, social expenditure savings) to set the economy of Africa in motion. It has the opposite effect. It has failed in Africa.[1]


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    Find out about development aid. Harvard Professor Jeffre Sachs [2] published in 2005 the book "The End of Poverty" [3]. In it, he makes concrete suggestions as to how extreme poverty can be overcome in Africa. His main finding is that Africa itself can not escape the economic hardship. The rich Western countries need to help financially and with personnel. Jeffrey Sachs has developed a concrete plan for overcoming poverty in Africa:
    • The agricultural income of the farmers could by good advice and some resources (irrigation, fertilizer, high-performance seed) can be doubled easily.
    • For the larger crop is not eaten immediately, the population growth should be stopped by a specific family counseling and the free distribution of contraceptives.
    • The funds must democratically be managed by the communities themselves so they do not disappear in the government corruption.
    • The poor countries must be freed from their debt burdens, so that they have money to overcome the poverty.
    • There must be an adequate infrastructure (schools, roads, health, electricity).
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    Orient up of successful models. There are examples of ecological self-sufficient communities, where aid workers can be based on. That sustainable development works, proved the actor Karlheinz Böhm [4] in Ethiopia. He has personally supervised four villages and collected donations in Germany. He established an organic agriculture and thus preserves an entire tract of land from starvation. It took more than a decade, but today, the villages are self-sufficient in everything necessary. [5]
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    Connect Help and Self-Help. The main solution to the world hunger problem is the principle of self-sufficiency through their own country. Every farmer should have the right to have his own piece of land from which he can live with his family. The landless farmers have to get fertile land by the governments.
    • The landlords must give a portion of their land to the poor. Without land reforms, the world hunger problem can not be solved. Some new agricultural land can also be created. This can happen by the forestation of desert areas. Deforestation must be stopped. Instead establishing mono-cultures (oil palm, biofuel) for export, each country should provide sufficient land for the population.
    • Small farmers in developing countries must be helped with a good advice from agricultural experts, an effective organic farming, with cooperative structures and a fair global trade.
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    Promote the common sense. It is important to promote the common sense in the world. Without a return to the values of frugality, inner happiness, universal love and mutual aid the world can not be saved. If egoism dominates the happiness in the world has no chance. We need a world family, which consists of many small families, and where everyone helps everyone, so it all goes well.
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    Build islands of happiness first. The village communities should become places of happiness, so that rural migration ends. If people have arrived in the city slums, it is very difficult to get them back. In the slums we have to built up positive structures in a special way. But everywhere a new culture of civic spirit is very important.
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    Work for the cooperation of all positive people. We need a global change. This can happen only through a global alliance of all positive forces in politics, science, religion and society. By the intensive efforts of many individuals, each in his place and within his means.


  • Africa has to learn from India. To overcome the hunger the poor need enough land, enough money to start, enough knowledge to be successful, Protection laws and a fair trade with the west. We shall start with those countries, who have a good Government, little corruption and who want help. They can build up a democratic alliance and help each other too. Each rich western country can get a partnership to a poor country of the world. They can give money, knowledge and experts to their poor partner country. They can promote mutual tourism and cultural exchange.
  • Step for step we can build up a better world, if we go forward with wisdom, love and good cooperation.
  • Industrial agriculture in developing countries leads to capitalist agricultural corporations, to a great dying under the small farms and to hunger among the rural population. The landless and land-poor farmers in the countries of the so-called Third World represent the majority of the undernourished. What they need above all a piece of land, so that they can feed themselves.
  • The number of hungry people is growing not only in Africa but also in other countries in the world like the Philippines and India. In India the social movement Ekta Parishad [6] works with non-violent methods for the poor. Its founder Rajagopal says, "The globalization has been good for India's middle class, but it hurts the poor. 80 percent of the Indians live as farmers. If they have no land, there is no food for them."


  • Do not lose heart. At the moment the selfishness is large in the world and the sense of community is small. But things can change. We only have one earth. If we destroy our earth, we will all perish together. We are a world family. A good family will help the most vulnerable members and won't let them starve. In a good family everyone helps everyone. All work for the happiness of the whole family. So all of us will become happy.

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