How to Hint For a Kiss (Guys)

After reading this, you will be ready for your first or regular kiss.


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    Don't be pushy. A girl doesn't like to be pushed too far out of her comfort zone, especially on a First Kiss. Let it happen naturally.
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    Look deep into her eyes.
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    Start playing with her hair and glance at her lips so that she notices. Now you can either go in for it or you can compliment her for something she is wearing or something that you like about her.
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    Do one of the following things depending on how brave you are:
    • Ask her quietly for permission if you are unsure. It's better to wait until she's ready. Otherwise, it will create a very awkward situation.
    • Tilt your head and go in 90% and let her come the rest of the way.
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    Don't kiss her until she pulls away, kiss until so you're the one to pull away. It's a tease and is a basic attribute of attraction.
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    Put your hand in her hair while you are kissing her or even wrap your arms around her back (but not too low!). Make her comfortable, you want her to want to kiss you again!
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    Smile and say something after you kiss. This should depend on what you're doing; something like "Do you want to go back to the group?" or "Do you want to go out again sometime?" "I Love You" is another great thing to say, but only if you mean it! Also if you like you can bite your bottom lip gently whilst smiling to make her think "that was nice" or even say it to her.
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    A Very simple thing to do is if you're in the cinema or any situation like that. While you're sitting, side-by-side, turn to her. Touch her on the arm so she looks at you. Make eye contact, then start getting closer and see where things go from there.


  • Be sure to have really really good breath. Bad breath is a sure way to being rejected.
  • Always listen to her and remember, confidence is key.
  • Hold her hand, but lightly. Do not pressure her!
  • Be cuddly, if she's the kind of girl that likes it. If not, give it a little space and you might score some brownie points.
  • She most likely wants to kiss you just as badly, so don't lose hope.
  • Give her a deep look into her eyes, you can probably guess what she is thinking.
  • Be charming to her. It will make her want to kiss you even more!
  • Don't tense up, just go through with it.
  • If you are taking her home on a date and she is pausing at the door, this is a good sign that she wants to kiss you. If she immediately tells you good-bye and goes for the door, don't try to kiss her. That means she doesn't want to kiss you.
  • Girls like nice-smelling colognes. But don't put too much on! That can be a major turn-off for girls. Keep in mind some girls don't like cologne at all. Here's a cologne tip: Spray one squirt into the air in front of you and pause for 1-3 seconds, depending how strong you want it to be. Then walk through it.
  • Remember, if you feel her getting lighter and lighter in the kiss, it usually means she wants to stop. So, back off a bit and ask her if she's okay.
  • If you're on the bus, it could be hard to kiss and most girls don't like making out in front of people!
  • Wear a cologne that won't remind them of their dad, this can make it kind of weird for her and maybe even turn her off the thought of kissing you.
  • Tell her how you feel about her and see how she reacts.


  • If you're nervous, tell her, she will most likely be, as well! This can make the situation a little more relaxing, knowing that each other are nervous.
  • DO NOT BE CREEPY. If you bring her somewhere alone without her volunteering to go and she isn't looking into your eyes but only down and away, she is uncomfortable. Another sign of discomfort is if she is texting someone or asking "where do you think everyone is" or "Oh, look! There's [friend's name]! I'm going to go say hi!" let her leave, and apologize later for making her feel that way.
  • Some girls are allergic to strong colognes, so be very aware of this, if she is.
  • Most girls are just OK with the smell of Axe & Tag, but not if they've smelled it a lot lately. It gets sickening after a while! However, if you forgot to shower, that wouldn't be a bad idea.
  • Some girls don't even like the smell of colognes. It would probably be best not to wear too much on your first date.
  • Be careful if you try to kiss her at school! Many schools have rules about not showing PDA's (Public Displays of Affection) on school grounds. If you really want to, make it quick. Don't make it a make-out session.
  • If you are one that says stupid things when you're nervous, don't! You may ruin the whole thing. You may get away with it with SOME girls, who think it's cute!
  • If she is asthmatic, she may have a reaction to colognes that are alcohol based. It is good to find out if she has Asthma. Be aware of if she uses an inhaler. Find some way to bring it up and learn about her by asking her about her childhood.
  • Be careful of what you say. If you say something on the lines of "I can see down your shirt when you bend over," or "Your make-up is smudged or ugly.", she is likely to walk away or be embarrassed. Do as much as possible to keep a comfortable environment going.
  • Don't touch her inappropriately. This applies to most girls, but some are exceptions. Note though it is NOT a first kiss move!

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