How to Hire a Fitness Business Coach

As an owner or operator of a fitness business, you’ll be faced with a lot of new situations and challenges that you’ve probably never had to deal with before. Hiring a fitness business coach will help you to tackle those issues and will give you the insight you need to grow your fitness business. This article will show you how to hire a fitness business coach.


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    Do your research. Find out their specific qualifications and think about whether or not this person would be an asset to growing your business. Do Google searches and Facebook searches. And since the fitness industry is tight-nit, ask your peers if they’ve ever heard of your potential new business consultant.
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    Decide on the style of coaching needed. There are a few different styles of fitness business coaching. They can range from over the phone, in person, and online consulting to in-person masterminds, fitness business courses, and coaching programs.
    • Choosing the right one depends on how you prefer to learn. Think about what you need for your business and decide whether you need a more hands on approach or just a little push in the right direction.
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    Ask about pricing schedule. Some fitness business coaches charge by the hour, some by the month, some for six months, and some charge only if you achieve the agreed upon goals you set together at the beginning of the relationship. This step will help you manage your business budget.
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    Get to know your new fitness business coach. Ask for at least three references of clients and call them.
    • Ask the clients what it was like to be coached by this person. Was the coach successful in helping them achieve their goals? Would they hire the coach again? Have they referred friends or business colleagues to the coach? What was the best thing about being coached by this person? What didn't they like?


  • Avoid coaches who make attractive promises without offering solid fitness business advice. Remember that a successful fitness business coaching program will be one that provides you with a coach who understands what you need for your specific business.
  • Remember that the role of a fitness business coach is more than just teaching you how to run your business. Their roles also include being your advisor, mentor, and consultant that, after evaluating your needs, help you create and put systems in place to build your business’ strength.
  • Ultimately, it’s up to you. Understand that the outcome is based upon how much effort you are willing to put towards growing your personal training business.

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