How to Hire a Masseur

Finding a good massage therapist or practitioner is a matter of taste. Almost everyone loves a massage; don't be off put from a bad experience.


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    Know What Kind of Massage You Want - Sounds pretty simple, but this requires a little bit of research. There are numerous massage traditions and philosophies that use the varied techniques of gliding, kneading, rubbing, shaking, stroking, stretching, or rocking differently. If your body responds to gliding better than finger pressure, then Trigger Point is probably not right for you. Also, you may want more from your massage experience, which might mean you want a more sensual or erotic massage. Don’t be ashamed: know what to want before you start looking.
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    Look for the Right Masseur - Once you know what you’re looking for, look for it! Deep Tissue or Thai? Tui Na or Reiki? Each profile should tell you his specialties, training, years of experience, or certifications—if any. Read a masseur’s reviews. Ask him questions: what are his rates? If his set up is at his residence, knowing if he has any pets might be helpful if you have allergies. A good masseur wants you to have a great experience, so air out your concerns or questions if you have any ahead of time.
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    Don’t Be Late - You too should be considerate of a masseur’s schedule, particularly if he/she does bodywork full-time. Your lack of punctuality may cause a disruption that can affect other clients’ appointments, their ease, their convenience, their experience. Call your masseur if you will be delayed, need to reschedule or cancel. It’s respectful and good manners.
    • A Tip on Tipping - Massage is a service. In this regard, tipping a masseur is similar to tipping a waiter. 10-15% is good for an acceptable, no/low complaint experience. But if your bodyworker provided a stellar experience, or better than acceptable, consider a higher percentage: 20 – 25%. Tipping is merit based. Give what you think he deserves.
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    Another Tip on Tipping. Some RMTs consider themselves more like a physiotherapist or dentist: providing a health service!! Ask the therapist what their preference is.
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    Shop around. This may mean to get a number of different massages from different people. Like getting a good hairstylist, you might not get the very best fit for you the first time.
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    Speak up! Ask the therapist what kind of pressure they use. Different therapists use different pressure, sometimes depending on the type, other times it is just their personal strength. If the pressure is too light or too heavy during treatment from what you expected, do not be afraid to let them know.


  • Sometimes a massage is about quiet relaxation, other times it is a nice time for a chat. If you have a good therapist, then you can dictate what you want at that time. (ie, being quiet yourself for those quiet relaxation times)

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