How to Hold Small Screws Steadily on the Tip of a Screwdriver

Small screws are notoriously difficult to hold in place. Magnetic screwdrivers can offer some help but they do not work on non-ferrous screws and besides which, you may not have a magnetic screwdriver. Furthermore, their magnetic field may damage delicate electronic components. This method relies on the use of poster-hanging putty-like adhesives, such as "Blu-Tack" or "Sticky-Stuff" to hold the screw in position for you.


  1. Image titled Place a small ball of your chosen putty adhesive Step 1
    Place a small ball of your chosen putty adhesive on the tip of the screwdriver.
  2. Image titled Insert the screw into the putty adhesive Step 2
    Insert the screw into the putty adhesive to hold it in place.
  3. Image titled Continue with your work Step 3
    Continue with your work. You are now ready to screw it into place without it falling off the screwdriver.


  • This system can also be used to retrieve small screws or nuts that have fallen in inaccessible places.
  • At a pinch, you could substitute tree gum or a small piece of chewing gum as other items to hold the screwdriver in place; be creative but also be careful of the surface - do not use anything sticky on electronic equipment or delicate surfaces. And do not use anything that might stain the surface that you are working on.


  • Blu-tack may look like chewing gum but it is not edible. Keep it away from small children.

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