How to Honor Your Party Guests

Have a memorable party - where the guests go home looking forward to receiving the next invite.


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    When your guests arrive, greet them warmly at the door - take their jackets and compliment their appearance. Thank them for attending - in particular, if they have traveled a long distance to help celebrate (considering the event - across town is far for a dinner party, from the country areas is far for a birthday party while interstate or overseas is distant for a wedding, etc.) Remember, if they weren't there, it wouldn't be a party.
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    When introducing them to one another, add a small piece of personal information about them. (eg. instead of "Sarah, this is John; John, this is Sarah", try "Sarah, this is John, he likes to rock climbing and watching grass grow; John, this is Sarah, she has a pet rock and plants grass in her back yard".) Memorable and relevant information is better than "John this is Sarah, she is a vegetarian. Sarah, John is a butcher who could probably show you the best way to slaughter a cow."
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    When you are planning a menu (a meal or just snacks), make sure you consider your guests dietary needs, even if it means offering an alternative dish - the thought will go far and will leave a much more pleasant feeling than an empty belly. This goes for dessert too - if you have a gluten intolerant guest, think about having meringue for dessert rather than cake, etc.
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    Same considerations should be shown for beverages. If you have a friend who doesn't drink alcohol, consider buying some top range juice cocktail or cafe blend coffee beans. If you are happy to spend $20 on a bottle of wine for 4-5 glasses, why not spend $10 on some good coffee beans, which will have leftovers after the party (and could assist in the recovery the next day)?
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    Make an inclusive toast that mentions the friendships in the room. Keep it short and simple but make sure you think about it.
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    At the end of the meal/party, present each guest with a token favour. Truffles, as suggested by Cassi from Chocolate Creations (see above), are a good option; mini cakes or little cup cakes are a good idea, too; but once again, consider dietary needs.
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    Ensure each guest takes their coat and bag. Nothing worse than getting home to find you left your house keys in the pocket of your jacket in your friends dining room on the other side of town.
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    Ensure they have a safe way to get home. Offer them a lift to the train station or a few of you walk them to the bus stop and wait with them. Don't let friends who have been drinking drive home; order them a taxi or a place to sleep.
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    Finally thank them for coming. Your party/celebration wouldn't have happened without them. Make sure they know they were appreciated, not just another number to fill the house.


  • Be careful of food allergies - they are more serious than intolerances and should be treated that way.

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