How to Host a Potato Digging Party

Growing potatoes is easy and what's even better is getting to dig them up! Potatoes are ready when the plants have died back after a couple of weeks and the ground is nice and dry. Here is all you need to know about how to host a perfect potato digging party!


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    Work out the details and make the invitations! Details include
    • Program for the day- work out what you will do on that day, and what the party will include. You might choose to make the meals from the potatoes you dug up, or just go to a restaurant.
    • Date- don't make the party after a rainy day, or on a rainy day. It is important to have the soil dry for the digging.
    • Time- the perfect time would be when the weather is not too hot for being outside and exercising for a long period of time, but not too cold either. If you like, you can make your party on a cloudy or sunny day, but not in freezing or boiling conditions.
    • Address- wherever the potatoes are.
    • People you will invite- consider who you know will want to come to your party. In other words, don't invite people who you know are allergic to potatoes, invite people who share the same like as you: potatoes.
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    Make the invitations and include the information above and add a pretty picture. Don't include the list of people you will invite.
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    Make food! Something like some homemade "dirt" cups to go along with your theme of digging in the dirt for potatoes! Since you're a gardener, you don't want JELLO! Go for the good stuff, or you can get all fancy and make some potato shaped marzipan candy (but be sure to check with guests/label your food if anyone has nut allergies!) or you could just make lots of potato salad, or scalloped potatoes to feed your guests' love of potatoes.
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    Get all the necessary equipment and accessories which you will need before the day of the party. Some things might include:
    • Shovels
    • Gloves
    • Trowels
    • Hats
    • Drinks
    • Boots (or tell everyone to get their own)
    • Containers to put the potatoes in
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    After the potatoes have been dug up store them in a cool (40 degrees F) dry place. Or you may want to give the potatoes to the guests as a 'reward'.
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    Clean up after the party. Put all the tools back in their place, clean the garden, put the rubbish in the bin, etc.


  • Beware of green potatoes, do not eat them, they are poisonous.
  • Always ask people about their food allergies before preparing food and label your food for guests.

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