How to Hunt World Bosses in Aura Kingdom

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Players of Aura Kingdom desire to kill World Bosses to have the chance of obtaining rare drops. In the process of hunting them down, you will be led to a number of competitions since everyone within the same server can take part in the event. Like guild summons, loot will be aplenty just as long as you manage to deal some damage. When World Bosses are killed the first time, they spawn again just four hours afterwards.

Part 1
Getting Started

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    Get ready. World Bosses spawn at a certain time and date in the same location in the world. Gather up your friends or even guild-mates to do a World Boss hunt with you. Being in a party increases your chance of gaining loot.
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    Hide all players. As mentioned, many players will be taking part in this event which can lead to extreme lag especially if you have low-edge computer specs. To avoid lag and make other players (aside from your party members) disappear from your screen, simply click the “Hide All Players” button found at the upper right corner of your screen—the button with the person icon next to your mini-map.
    • “Hide All Players” is also useful when going inside Navea, the main city of Aura Kingdom where players gather to sell their equipment by putting up their own stalls.
    • Since all players in every channel ported to one channel for Navea, it's expected to be crowded and your game might lag. This place is considered as the marketplace of the server.
    • “Hide All Players” doesn't affect your party members, and that means during PVP, you can't see your enemies as well, so be sure to switch this off if you're about to join the battlefield.
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    Switch channels. World Bosses also spawn in all other channels. Evidently, players travel through different channels to hit as many World Bosses as they can instead of killing one boss in the channel they originally play in. Usually players start in channel 1, then switch to channel 2 after killing a World Boss.
    • If you have a stronger computer, your chances of reaching the next channel before the other players is improved.
    • If you have a low-edge computer, you can always hit a World Boss once, and then switch channels before the boss is even killed.
    • Logging off or switching to another channel will move you to a countdown to 10 before your character gets completely disconnected and transferred.
    • After inflicting damage to a World Boss, you can start the countdown while other players are killing off the monster. Before you get completely disconnected, the boss is dead, and you retrieve your own share. Do this in the other channels until you get the item you desire.

Part 2
The World Bosses

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    Kill Pirate Captain Mac. You first encounter Mac, a World Boss, during your newbie quest. He's the pirate who fell in love with the mayor's daughter, and halted his attack because of it. He spawns at the location behind the portal.
    • To get through, you need to walk from the fence. Be careful not to go inside the portal for it will take you to a different place.
    • Mac is located at Helonia Coast on Tuesdays at (x:468,y:652).
    • The most notable monster drops are the face accessories such as Trendy Sunnies and Glamorous Shades.
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    Kill Jungle Panther Banksy. Panther Banksy is found at Candeo March on Fridays at (x:675,y:628). He’s quite easy to kill, but since his spawn spot is right on top of a cliff rock, players in every channel gather up in that one place.
    • Even if you have other players hidden, the lag will still be notable. To avoid this, keep the graphic settings of your computer low and other apps closed.
    • Panther Banksy drops Mouth which is why many players in Aura Kingdom hunt him down.
    • Other dropped items are Quicksilver Tiger, Fire Brand Tiger, and Thunderbolt Tiger.
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    Kill Daphne. Daphne can be found at Triatio Highlands at (x:466,y:308). This female ninja wields fire property and has over 20 million hit points. However, because of the great number of participants, Daphne is easily killed.
    • Only a few people wish to hunt for Daphne because of the small number of her dropped items.
    • Daphne may drop Swallowtail Kunai and Ninja Kunai, an orange face accessory.
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    Kill Mordecai. Mordecai, also known as Hermit, is one of the more difficult bosses to take down for he possesses huge damage. He can hit more than 6.8k and holds over 20 million health points.
    • Mordecai, a neutral type of boss but with range attack, can be found at Crescent Hill at (x:523,y:797).
    • He can drop face accessories, namely White Rose and Red Rose.

Part 3
Getting Profit

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    Sell unwanted loot. During your World Boss hunting, obtaining unwanted loot, such as face accessories with a three-day expiration or a double of what you already have, is unavoidable. Instead of throwing those away or using them, you can auction them off. There are players willing to buy accessories as long as the price isn't too steep.
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    Farm the World Bosses for gold. You can actually join the World Boss event just to earn gold. Face accessories range up to more than 100g if sold at the auction hall. With the added bonus, especially the orange face accessories with +1 all stats, such items can be highly in demand and can be traded for high-level crafted weapons.


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