How to Identify Whether You're the Side Chick

Every girl's dream is to be the number one girl in their number one guy's life, but sometimes, life decides to give you a twisted, ill-fated romance. At some point, you may feel like as if you are not the only girl who makes him happy. So how do you know if you're the "side-chick"? Read on to find out how.


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    Find out where they are spending their spare time. This doesn't mean you should spy, but if you believe something's fishy it's okay to put in your hound-smelling skills and track it down! If you notice that he only gives you the littlest of his time, better find out his day schedule, and what's on his calendar. If his work is only 8am to 5pm, but goes home to you by 10pm, you might wish to query it with him. If your gut is detecting a lie from his answer, query him further. You could ask his friends if they know what he's been up to lately, if you get close enough to meet them, that is. Ask his co-workers if he really is staying late for work. Outsider information can really be helpful.
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    Brainstorm about his priorities. The female population tends to ask to be part of their other half's priority list. Which means, he gets to you when you need him, he stays over the night when you need comfort, and in some cases, he'd buy you a tampon if your period came unexpectedly early. When was the last time he came at your rescue? And did he drop everything he's doing to get to you? If not, he better have a good reason why.
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    Research his background. Before you started dating him, did you do your homework? Did you try to know him a little on your own? Have you checked his Facebook or Twitter? Social media can be quite helpful with catching who's the liar! Is there a certain girl posting on his wall? Maybe they're really together a lot? Maybe they have photos of holding hands, kissing, or maybe of their wedding? If you haven't checked on him yet, you should probably start.
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    Be close with his family. If you haven't seen his family for a while, it may be because he doesn't want his wife to know! If his love for you is really serious, he would've walked you to their front door by now, with a wide grin on his face. The last time you asked him to take you to their house, he rejected it and said "maybe next time"? There may not be a next time! That's the harsh truth.
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    Recall where he takes you for dates Is your guy is someone who shops with you at a mall? Brings you to the city park in daylight? Asks you to dinner at a fancy, famous restaurant? Or does he bring food over to you at your apartment? Maybe, at the beach, few kilometres away from where you both reside? If he's the latter, then he may be trying to keep you in the dark. The reason he can't shop with you is because the mall is too open. Too open for people who know his marriage to see. You should probably ask him to go out with you, out in the open, if he says no, something may be wrong.


  • If they avoid your questions, that probably means something is up.
  • If you are not certain when it comes to who you are currently dating, there's no harm in trying to know him a little better before letting yourself get too serious. It would suck to know that the time and effort you have invested may just go to waste if you let things happen in a fast forward motion.
  • Do not rush jumping into a relationship if you still have doubts about who he really is.
  • Try to find out about his past relationships, and probably, his current relationship.
  • Don't be the girl who's always available. Chances are, he'll take you for granted.
  • Gather information from the people who knows him better than you do.
  • Find out if he has history in cheating on his partner.
  • You are the side chick if he refuses to take you out with his friends or his circle.
  • If he just wants to meet you in private, like his house or your place, and not any public places, then you are most likely the side chick.

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