How to Import a Bicycle

Two Parts:Picking Your Bike and SupplierOrdering and Importing

Bicycles are a great way to traverse short distances for a smaller cost than driving, but sometimes the best deal is not in your country. This article will tell you how to legally and safely import a bicycle to your country.

Part 1
Picking Your Bike and Supplier

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    Check legality. Make sure that importing bicycles is legal in your nation. Embargoes, trade commissions and tariffs may prevent you from importing a bicycle. Illegally importing a bicycle is not a good prison story.
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    Research. With the internet, determine the exact bicycle you want. Take note of sizing, colour and tires. Try looking around other websites to ensure that you get the best deal.

Part 2
Ordering and Importing

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    Place your order. Now that you know what you want and from what site or provider, order.
    • If you're ordering in person, you will likely need to pay in the local currency. If you're ordering online instead, you may be able to use a different currency.
    • Be wary of currency differences, 'shipping and handling' fees, and possible 'middle men' that may add to the cost or nullify your purchase.
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    Ship it home. If the seller handles transportation to your residence, make sure that the seller gets every piece of information. That includes not only address but more specific information, such as floor, postal code and subdivision of territory/province/state. If you're shipping it yourself, find a provider who provides assurances that they can get it to you in one piece.
    • Here is the extra step; adding International Response Coupons or IRCs. An lRC is an international stamp that postmasters will use to pay for shipping as your package traverses the globe. Adding 12+ is a good idea as different nations require different amounts. These can be acquired at embassies and some post offices.
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    Wait. Domestic mail is slow, but international mail is even slower. Depending on the distance from you to the seller, method of transportation (air, sea, land) and the priority given, shipment may take weeks or months. If you do not receive your bicycle within 8 months, follow up with the seller or shipping provider.


  • Be patient; international mail is slow.


  • When dealing with international laws, be polite. Depending on the nation your bicycle originates from and the countries it moves through, less-than-friendly service should be expected.
  • Be wary of forged goods, which are poor quality goods sold in lieu of more expensive goods for a lower price than the quality good.

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