How to Impress Secondary School Girls

Impressing a girl in secondary school is a whole lot different than impressing one in primary school. This article can help you impress them, and maybe even get you a date to the next school dance.


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    Be yourself. Don't radically change your looks, make things up or act like someone you're not just to impress her. If a girl can't like you for who you are then she's not worth it.
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    Talk to the girl. Start up conversation. Make friends with her but try to move quite fast because once you're her friend, you're stuck in the friend zone. Once you're there, ask her out. Make sure you have information about what she likes and dislikes so you know where to take her.
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    Go public with your relationship after a little while. If she doesn't want anyone to know, she is not a keeper. If she gives no good reason other than embarrassment, end the relationship. If you feel she may have a point, make sure she likes you for all the right reasons.
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    Never try to make her jealous by hitting on her friends. It's wrong and feelings can be badly hurt from messing with emotions. Your plan could backfire and she could move on with one of your friends.
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    Forget the mantra "Treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen". It's never going to work. Many girls like sweet boys that tell them they're pretty and comments like that. If you want to keep her, make her feel good about herself.
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    Respect her boundaries. You need to be willing to stop if she says "no" to going any further. Remember, it is within her rights to say "no" to anything from kissing to intercourse. You may feel really attracted to her and like it's no big deal but that's normal and caused by your pesky hormones. It is no excuse for forcing her into something she doesn't want to do.
    • It is equally true that boys do not have to go further than they wish, no matter what your partner or friends say. An intimate relationship is very special if it's with the right person but doing things before you're physically and emotionally ready or that go against your beliefs can be damaging. Don't forget that you only get one chance to do something for the first time! Once you've done something, the experience you have the first time will in your head every other time you do it - so try your best to make first experiences, good experiences.
    • Remember, certain sexual behavior, drinking alcohol or taking drugs may be illegal in your area under a certain age or for everyone. Don't get a criminal record that will hang around for your whole life for the sake of impressing a girl! Think about the future consequences for yourself and others. Your ability to get a job or buy something like a house or a car could be affected. These things may seem a long way off when you're tempted to take a risk doing something, make sure you'll never regret your actions.
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    Act like a gentleman, if you can't actually Be a Gentleman! Some girls act like they love bad boys or feel pressured by popular culture that they should prefer bad Boys, but often, that girl you like, just wants someone who can listen to them, who understands them and who likes them for who they are, not for what they look like.
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    Try not to get jealous if your girlfriend is talking to another boy. Just because they talk or hangout doesn't mean she's into him. The likelihood of them just being friends is very high. She knows she's with you. If you do the same thing to her to get revenge, she'll keep going but she'll go further to wind you up. Keep calm and remember that you're the guy she has chosen to go out with. Trust her to respect that choice.
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    Have fun with your girlfriend! She is now attracted to you, so don't be afraid to let loose and have fun.


  • Be yourself.
  • Be calm.
  • Be cool.


  • Girls can be sensitive, so be careful what you say and never ever try to force her,for what she's not willing too.

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