How to Impress Your Friends on Your Bicycle

Have you ever been riding bikes with a friend, and wanted to impress him or her? Well, even if you haven't, this guide will show you how. So take out your bike, put on a helmet, and get ready to have some fun. The following guide will show you how to do a few tricks.


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    Ride No Handed: This is a pretty easy trick to master.
    • When you are starting out, find a stretch of flat road without any cars.
    • Slowly lift your hands a few inches above the handlebars. If this is too hard, you can first lift one hand, and then the other hand. Once you do this often, you will master it easily.
    • Note that some bike frames are not built with a relaxed enough geometry for this to be possible. Riding no-hands is more dangerous on these bikes, as their ability to right themselves and ride straight is reduced, or absent. This is true more with older or more expensive road bikes. Cruisers and mountain bikes are good candidates for this trick.
    • Another way is to ride at a slightly fast speed,like going downhill,and let your right(or left) foot to make the pedal go down.At this rate your right(or left) foot is balancing the other foot so now you can lift your hands until you got the hang of it.
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    Ride No Handed (another way).
    • Start coasting, and stand on your pedals.
    • Lean forward until your thighs are resting on the handlebars.
    • Stand up straight and lean back, keeping your body behind the front axle. It feels sketchy, but you can coast like this and even turn. Don't use your front brake too hard or you'll faceplant. With long enough legs and a small enough frame, you can even pedal in this position, but if not you may hit the stem. Watch out for the family jewels when attempting this!
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    Do a Wheelie.
    • Think about jumping high in the air.
    • Do this while holding on to your handlebars, and tilt back a little. Some people can do this for a second, while others can go down a whole street on their back wheel.
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    Do an Endo.
    • When you're going to stop completely, and want a bit of a flourish, use only the front brake, gradually adding more and more pressure (too much and you faceplant, don't lock it up at once).
    • Lean forward and brake on the front. Soon you'll be balanced on your front wheel.
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    Stand on your bike.(Very dangerous!)
    • Get decent speed on a flat or slightly sloping road.
    • Then put one foot on the seat while coming up.
    • Take the other foot and put it on the seat.
    • Gradually loosen your grip on the handlebars.
    • Stand or crouch for a few seconds no handed and then drop back down.
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    Stand on your pedals.
    • Raise your rear end up off the seat.
    • Stand up and pedal!
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    • slick pavements are best for this, and don't try this on a bike that has really skinny tires
    • get decent speed
    • see your target
    • roll towards them then hammer on the back brake
    • turn your handlebars slightly to one side
    • let the bike slide
    • if it goes too far, get off the back brake then roll away normally
    • NOTE this is really bad for your back tire, only do this when looking good is really important (like for a girl). make sure your tires are properly inflated before attempting


  • Make sure to have a lot of road space!
  • Practice!
  • On #5 practice on a stationary bike and then slowly progress to the road.
  • A real girl won't be impressed, just be nice.
  • Wear a helmet to prevent concussions.
  • First practice then perform it at front of people.


  • When you master these skills, never make fun of somebody who can't do them. People will look down upon you if you do.
  • The first no-handed trick is dangerous, as with no control over the handlebars, an unexpected rock can turn the wheel and make you crash. Only attempt this on a flat surface with good traction.
  • You should always wear a helmet while on a bike, falling can result in serious injury or death.
  • Don't attempt these on a public paved trail.
  • Check the local laws if you are using a public space. (In Australia for example, it is illegal to ride with less than one hand on the handlebars.)

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