How to Improve as Line Infantry in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars

Four Methods:The Line Infantry ClassShooting MethodMelee CombatOther Factors

Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars may seem simple but, the game can get complicated. This guide is for beginners or as a “refresher” for experts in this game. One of the most common roles to play in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars is the line infantry unit. With their colorful uniform, classical hair style and armed with a musket. Any person would think that shooting a musket won’t be difficult. With a few simple steps, the chances of successfully hitting your targets and initiating close-quarter combat will be easier.

Method 1
The Line Infantry Class

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    Choose a class. This instruction set focuses on the infantry branch of the game. The top-most box shows several regiments with different statistics and weapons. For example: Rifleman has a musket that has more accuracy without a bayonet and the other regiments always have bayonets. Player(s) shall choose their desired regiment and pick a unit type below. This instruction set will focus on the "ranker" unit that always uses a musket unlike other units.
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Method 2
Shooting Method

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    Know your surroundings. Many modern shooters spawn players in enclosed environments. Mount and Blade is different since it always spawns players on the opposite sides of the map. Nonetheless, the maps are extremely enormous and the terrain of the map is sometimes randomized. This brings a new experience and knowledge of your surroundings is important to survey the land before you, potentially discovering enemy locations.
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    Prepare to fire. Once the enemy is spotted, the player must decide to shoot or not. This concept may be very obvious, however 18th century muskets could only fire a round once and it requires approximately ten seconds to reload before firing the next round. To ensure the player is ready to fire by holding the LMB, the player must stand still and aim for the enemy. Otherwise, moving will give an accuracy penalty and the player will surely miss the target.
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    Shoot. You must adjust his crosshairs accordingly, depending on the range of the enemy. Longer ranges may require the crosshairs to be aimed above the body of the enemy. The enemy are easily spotted if they don't have the "circle flags" above their heads. If the enemy is closer aim for the torso since it is the largest part of the body and will kill the enemy instantly if hit. Remember to lead your shots for longer ranges.
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    Reload after a direct hit/miss. Unfortunately, muskets are extremely inaccurate and even experts of the game miss their targets frequently with a hit/miss ratio of .33. Whether if luck or skill is on your side or not, quickly reload and repeat the three previous steps again by left clicking after shooting. If the enemy is charging the player then the player must stop reloading and the player must always fight the enemy in close-quarters combat if the enemies are too close.

Method 3
Melee Combat

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    Initiate combat. To use the bayonet on the musket, the player must press the “X” key. When the musket's rounds disappears, melee mode is selected. Click the Left Mouse Button (LMB) to attack and click the right Mouse Button (RMB) to block.
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    Use upward and downward thrusting attacks. The player must decide to stab the upper or lower torso of the enemy. To stab upward, move the mouse forward and left click simultaneously. and to stab downward, move the mouse backwards and left click simultaneously.
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    Block. Similar to the mechanics of attacking, right click and move the mouse forward to block the upward, right click and move the mouse backwards to block the downward stab and right click and move the mouse left/ right to block the corresponding side.
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    Practice. Without much practice, a player may have trouble against players and enemy AI. Around twenty minutes of playtime could help significantly in melee combat.

Method 4
Other Factors

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    Use the terrain to your advantage. In many historical battles, if either side has the higher ground such as fortified hills, mountains, etc. The side that has control over that particular area will have a better chance of winning. In this game, sometimes hills require at least two minutes to run to the peak of the hill. The sides of the hills could help any player undetectable from the other sides of the mountain.
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    Use buffs/boosts to your advantage. After selecting the first tab labeled “Infantry” the menu below shows several “ranks”. One of them gives other allied players buffs such as an “officer” rank gives an accuracy bonus, etc. Basically if you’re something other than ranker you give speed, melee, accuracy and reloading boosts. The types of ranks are very beneficial and may increase the chances of winning.
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  • If the player’s shots are not hitting their target then the player should either “lead” their shots by placing the crosshair in front of the enemy’s walk path.
  • Cavalry are easily dealt with surprisingly if a group of players coordinate with one another. Try using an upward attack which usually results in devastation of enemy cavalry.
  • Trying to jump to avoid shots or stabs? Usually jumping is ineffective since landing after the jump halts movement for a second, leaving you vulnerable.

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